You first saw Monica in May 2016. Why did you seek her help and what was your experience?

I was at a friend’s house one day when a lady, Jane, came by to collect her child who had been there on a playdate. She had such a noticeably, natural-looking and wrinkle-free forehead that I just had to ask her about it. I was suffering terribly from baggy skin, especially around my eyes and forehead wrinkles, much like my mum. I was very self-conscious. My mother’s skin had worsened as she had aged and really didn’t want to end up like her. Jane and I became friends and she introduced me to Monica. I thought it would be simply getting rid of a few wrinkles with Botox® — but that turned out not to be the case!

When I had my consultation, Monica was very honest and forthright. She told me that she couldn’t do anything with the way I was at that time and that to get a good result, surgery would be needed first. Initially I was a little shocked and even a little scared of Monica. I couldn’t believe what she said. But then I thought about it. She was just being honest. She could see what I had known all along and she was giving me her best advice, in order to get the results I wanted. It was then that I realised Monica was the person I could trust to advise me and guide me through the processes to come.

Monica explained that because of the condition of my skin, we needed to do something about the skin laxity before a non-surgical treatment would work, so she referred me to Mr Jonathan Britto for an upper and lower blepharoplasty.

I was a little nervous about surgery but I trusted her advice that surgery would help solve my problem. She didn’t pretend that non-surgical could work first and taken my money regardless, like she could have done. That created instant trust and respect for her.

How did the operation go and were you pleased with the results?

The operation went very well. I felt at ease throughout the whole procedure – so much so that I chatted all the way through the operation! The whole atmosphere was very chilled out relaxed and comfortable.
I’m so happy with the results. As soon as I made the decision to go for it I got the operation booked in as soon as possible, but I knew that the healing process would take time. It took me a while to adjust to the bruising, as that was more than I expected, but the results were really great.

One day I accidentally pulled an internal stitch out by mistake, but there was no drama. As soon as I contacted FACEmed, Monica and the team responded to my needs instantly and it was no problem to see Jonathan again to make sure everything was still healing as planned.

In May 2017 you returned to Monica for non-surgical treatment and maintenance. What treatment did you have?

I decided to leave it a year before returning to Monica, so I had plenty of time to heal. Monica treated by forehead with Botox®

, to raise it up and to maintain my eyelids too.

How would you rate your treatment at FACEmed?

I don’t have any comparison, but would I go anywhere else? No. Would I trust anyone else? No. Would I bring my daughter here? Yes, absolutely 100%. I completely trust Monica, her judgement and her advice.

You later came back to FACEmed with a ruptured breast implant, can you tell us about your experience then?

I had several necessary health operations within 6 months and I then I went to hospital for a breast screen. I was told that my eleven year old breast implant had ruptured and it needed immediate removal. However the NHS could only remove the ruptured implant, not replace it with a new one. That would have left me with one breast implant still intact and one breast empty. After sitting in the car park and feeling very lost, I decided to drive home past FACEmed and drop in to see if they could help. I saw Nikki in reception and explained what had happened and she arranged for Jonathan to see me. There is a real sense of trust and belief in the staff at FACEmed and that’s what drew me to them when I needed emergency care.

How did you feel about your emergency care by Jonathan Britto and the team?

It was great. Nikki kept in constant touch whilst arrangements were being made for the operation, which really made me feel at ease. The operation was very successful, Jonathan was really pleased with the result and I was very happy too.

In your words, what do you think of the team at FACEmed and their multi-departmental approach to health care?

It all works seamlessly. I have never thought about it really from that point of view, because it all just works. Monica can either do everything for you or organise whatever it is you need. You just take it for granted that they’ll help and get it sorted for you. You’re not aware of what goes on behind the scenes.

Any other thoughts?

I don’t feel like I come here for a treatment. I feel like I know them. You’re familiar with the staff and they know you really well. It’s more like popping in to see a friend. It’s a comfortable experience not a clinical one.


Patient name changed for confidentiality purposes