Over the last 20 years plastic surgery has become much more mainstream, likely due to the uptake by A List Celebrities and the heavy coverage in the media. No longer just for the rich, facelifts have become a fairly common procedure thanks to their highly effective results.

But as with all surgery, if you’re thinking about a facelift it’s important to consider your options carefully and be sure that the procedure you want to undergo is the right one for you.

There’s no hard and fast rule saying how old you should be before you consider a facelift. But it is always a good idea to explore all the options available to you before deciding to go under the knife. Depending on the severity of your ageing there may be other procedures better suited to your particular needs. Over the last few decades many non-surgical anti-ageing procedures have become available, such as Botox and Dermal Fillers. For many people these offer a fast, non-invasive solution to minor signs of ageing.

But if your ageing is more severe then, no matter your actual age, it’s likely that a facelift would be the best option for you. If you’re in need of a drastic improvement then you can’t rival the changes that a facelift can achieve.

An expert surgeon will be able to do more than just tighten your skin. They’ll rebalance your features, using a layer by layer approach to define your features and give you a natural-looking result.

So whether you’re in your late forties or late seventies a facelift may be the ideal way to get rid of the signs of ageing and rebuild your confidence. The most important thing is to find a surgeon or technician you can trust, you will assess your needs fully and make the best recommendations for you personally.

Monica Berrangé