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This is most definitely not the case.

Thread lifts can only be performed by medical specialists and in-depth knowledge of the facial anatomy is an absolute must. As always, the most important part of your journey is choosing the right specialist with the most experience. A great thread lift is facial artistry in motion and the immediate results are astounding. An instant lift in the skin can be seen, followed by cellular renewal through collagen stimulation and natural tightening of the skin by the contraction of the fat tissue.

What is a thread lift?

Different size and thickness variations of 360° Helical Barbs PDO (Polydioxanone) suture threads are carefully placed through 3-4 entry points around the face. These threads have multi-directional barbs which fix and support the skin tissue in various directions. Non-barbed PDO threads can also be used, these are specifically designed for skin rejuvenation purposes to improve skin texture whilst volumizing at the same time. Two weeks prior to your thread lift, muscle relaxants will be administered to the lower face in order to relax the muscles of the lower face to allow the threads to work more effectively and for longer. An experienced professional will combine the thread lift procedure with the use of muscle relaxants and dermal fillers in order to maintain and improve the thread lift results prolonging such results for a longer period of time.

Can anyone have a thread lift?

The answer is simply No. The thread lift procedure is most successful in relatively younger people where skin sagging is minimal or in the early stages. ”The aim is not to create a new you, but to reposition your facial anatomy to where it once was which in turn will reveal a more youthful appearance” explains Monica Berrange — lead medical & aesthetic practitioner at FACEmed. Initial non-surgical consultations are complimentary at FACEmed, contact us by phone (01268833680) or email (enquiries@nullfacemed.co.uk) to secure your appointment.

Image: Before and After pictures of recent FACEmed thread lift patient. Fine lines have been smoothened out, jowls have been elevated and the face looks tighter and more rejuvenated due to the natural effect of collagen stimulation.