Twilight Anaesthesia: What Does That Mean?

When one thinks of having a surgical procedure an immediately association with being put to sleep comes to mind. A lot of patients considering plastic surgery procedures such as Facelift, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction etc envision themselves asleep on the operating table whilst the surgical team are at work. Times have changed and more and more you will start to hear about the ‘Twilight Facelift’ and ‘Twilight’ Sedation. A safe and effective way to receive anaesthesia, remain conscious and experience less risks and/or post operative issues in comparison to a general anaesthetic.

Twilight Anaesthesia: What Does That Mean?

What is Twilight Sedation? 

Twilight Sedation is a type of anaesthesia whereby instead of the patient being rendered unconscious and asleep they are administered a certain level of anaesthetic that keeps them conscious and awake but calm and at ease. Twilight Sedation is sometimes referred to as IV Sedation or even ‘Conscious’ Sedation. This has the same effects as a general anaesthetic in that the patient does not experience any feeling of pain or discomfort and will not remember the procedure afterwards even though they have been conscious/awake the whole time (but drowsy). 

Why opt for Twilight Sedation?

Patients who choose to have Twilight Sedation over a general anaesthetic experience the many benefits of not being ‘put out’, some of which are listed here: 

  • Patient’s can go home the same day. (It is still recommended to not drive and have an escort to take you home safely).
  • Patient’s don’t experience the same level of nausea or grogginess associated with having a general anaesthetic, these symptoms can last a couple of days with general anaesthesia.
  • Patients experience less oedema (swelling) post-operatively, specifically this has been noted in procedures such as Face and Neck lifts whereby swelling is common. Less problems such as swelling and fluid collection after a Facelift leads to much better aesthetic results in a shorter period of time. 
  • Less expensive than General Anaesthetic as patients do not require an overnight stay and can safely return home to continue the recovery process in the comfort of their own home.

Americans have for many years offered many complex procedures under Twilight Anaesthesia and it is very much a preferred method of anaesthesia in many disciplines throughout the USA. At FACEmed we have designed and built a hospital setting based on the concept of Twilight Sedation so that our patients can have the most enjoyable experience throughout their surgical journey without having to worry about any of the risks involved in a General Anaesthetic.  

Talk to the FACEmed team about what procedures you might consider having under Twilight Sedation and book your appointment with one of our Specialist Consultant Surgeons. Remember to always choose a Surgeon who is on the GMC Specialist Register.

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