Bodytite Procedure in Brentwood

If you think that a Bodytite procedure in Brentwood is going to help you achieve the look that you want, then why not get in touch with FACEmed to discuss your options. FACEmed can be found in Essex, and has a team of specialists who are ready to provide clients with extensive services. As a multi disciplinary centre, we have treatments and procedures for a range of different reasons, and so customers who are looking for help with various aspects of their body can come to us for the help that they need. 

Bodytite Procedure in Brentwood

The Bodytite procedure in Brentwood is a surgical procedure, albeit a minor and minimally invasive one, and provides an alternative to body contouring surgery and can be a good idea for people who are looking to have a smaller amount of fat reduction. 

Our Bodytite procedure in Brentwood will dissolve the fat away through means of radiofrequency heat energy ablation, which is administered through puncture holes, after local anaesthetic has been applied. The Bodytite procedure in Brentwood will also help with elastin production and this will give the skin over the area the means to become tighter and smoother. The downtime after the Bodytite procedure in Brentwood is 1 week. The Bodytite procedure in Brentwood is the ideal treatment to have if you are struggling to get rid of certain areas of fat no matter how much you exercise or eat healthily, and because it is directed at the certain area, in comparison to liposuction, you end up with much more refined contours. 

FACEmed is multidisciplinary, and so as well as the Bodytite procedure in Brentwood that we can perform, we have a number of other surgical services, as well as dentistry and non-surgical services, which treat a range of body areas and for different purposes.

Why have the procedure at FACEmed? 

Your Bodytite procedure in Brentwood is going to be carried out by professional and fully qualified doctors, and so you can trust that we will take the utmost precautions to provide you with a comfortable and safe procedure. Our team makes sure that each individual patient is met with a friendly welcome when they arrive at our centre, and that they also receive a treatment process that is bespoke to their personal needs. 

Our vision is very clear and states that we will do everything we can to give our clients a first class service that is most suited to them, with care, passion and overall fantastic customer service,  and provide treatments that are innovative and modern, evolving our centre as new developments are made. You can see from our reviews just how happy our clients were with our services. So, having your Bodytite procedure in Brentwood with us is highly beneficial to you. 

Do you want to ask any questions?

Questions about our Bodytite procedure in Brentwood can be conveyed to our staff, who will do their best to offer you answers in an informative and professional manner. If you would prefer to send your questions to us, then you can use or the form on our contact page, but if you would prefer a real conversation, then you can call us on 01268 833680.