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Bunion Surgery in Essex

Do you find every step a struggle, and want to finally undergo a treatment which can put an end to your suffering? Would you like to attend a first-class facility which offers bunion surgery in Essex? Allow us to introduce ourselves – we are FACEmed. When it comes to medical establishments, there are few which are able to match either the professionals that we have within our team, or the state-of-the-art equipment which we possess. No matter the service that you come to us for, you can be sure to be able to enjoy an experience which is smooth-and-seamless. Why not visit our website’s contact page today, and learn a little more about our practices from the representatives within our customer service department?

Bunion Surgery in Essex

Although there are some that believe this to be a temporary swelling caused by a knock, bunions are a serious medical condition that can lead to various complications in later life. This is an issue which can be diagnosed with ease – the visual bulge that emerges between the big toe and the rest of the foot is, to say the least, relatively obvious. Various studies have suggested that some of the most likely causes include the wearing of high-heeled shoes on a regular basis, as well as shoes which are too restrictive. Whatever the reason, there is a solution, in the form of the bunion surgery in Essex provided by FACEmed.

Breaking Down our Surgical Procedures

If you have not attended our facilities in the past, allow us to elaborate somewhat on the types of treatments which we are equipped to offer. With a number of theatres present within our clinic, FACEmed is able to take on various patients at any one time, regardless of the procedure which they are looking to undergo. The bunion surgery in Essex which we facilitate goes by another name, which is Hallux Valgus – this is in relation to the bone-caused protrusion that is prominent within the skin. Should you come to us, we will be able to easily-and-effectively remove the tissue which is causing you pain, subsequently providing you with a perfectly normal-looking foot. To gain more of an insight into what this treatment entails, you are invited to continue your reading on our website’s dedicated page on the matter, accessible via the link above.

Not What You’re Looking For?

Due to the niche nature of bunion surgery in Essex, here at FACEmed we recognise that there are various other afflictions which could cause you to seek out our services. The specialists that we have here have undergone rigorous training over the years, providing them with the skills necessary to tackle a whole-host of issues. For example, there are various treatments that fall into our catalogue of non-surgical procedures – these include, but are not limited to, Botox administration and lip enhancement. Alternatively, we can help to give you a picture-perfect smile, courtesy of the teeth whitening service. Thanks to our team of experts, all of our results are guaranteed to be first-class in quality.