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Male menopause.

Is there such a thing? Well as men get older their testosterone levels do indeed drop. The decline is steady for most men but it in some can be sharp. Low testosterone can be associated not only with low libido and less hard erection, it can also mean you have less ‘drive’ and have fatigue, loss of muscle mass and rapid hair loss. In some men, a low testosterone can occur with other hormonal diseases.

A simple blood test can be done to measure your testosterone — and the results discreetly discussed with you. If your testosterone in low a simple gel of testosterone can be used daily to improve matters.

What if my testosterone isn’t low but I’m still having issues with sex.

There are many factors that can affect sexual health for a man.

Tiredness and stress can affect libido, blood flow to the penis can be affected by local factors such as raised cholesterol just through being on blood pressure treatment. Ejaculatory issues could be a sign of a problem with your prostate. Your concerns and worries about any rashes, discharges or infections can also affect performance. In these the cases of what is called erectile dysfunction, the causes could be anything from diabetes to prostate disease through to psychological factors— and they won’t get better without help. Look for a complete Mens health package that can screen you near to where you live.

Here at FACEmed, Dr Josson McConnell (DFRSH) and Dr Peck have the expertise to provide a full sexual health screen and to help fix your concern and if required can prescribe treatment to improve your sex life.

Dr Jo Josson McConnell (DFRSH)

Private GP