Are you local to the area?

Yes fortunately I live very close to FACEmed which makes it easy to get to whenever I need treatment.

What keeps you busy?
I have a very busy life between running my own business in the local community, Coleby’s Jewellers, and my family.

How long have you been a patient of FACEmed?
Quite a while now, it started with me seeing Monica for a non-surgical treatment and the relationship developed from there. 

Why are you so loyal to FACEmed?
First of all it was the professionalism and quality of the practice and now it’s because Monica has become a friend.  I also believe it would be very hard to find anywhere else like FACEmed.

What do you think of the new FACEmed Centre?
The new centre is amazing, it has the most wonderful calm feeling inside and is ultra-modern.

What tempted you to increase your service use from non-surgical procedures to dental as well?
For various reasons I had been looking for a new hygienist and dentist so Monica opening the Centre and a dental department was perfect timing for me.

How did you find the treatment and experience?
Natalie the Hygienist was probably one of the best I have been too; she was so thorough and it was absolutely pain free. A great experience.

Would you recommend FACEmed to your friends and family?
Yes most definitely and owning a local business (Coleby’s Jewellers) gives me the opportunity of telling customers also to visit FACEmed. 

Claire first patient at centre