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Considering Having a Thread Lift in Essex?

Do you want to give your face a lifted appearance without surgical intervention? If so, a thread lift in Essex at FACEmed may be what you need. We are pleased to be able to offer clients a vast array of services for those who want help with medical aesthetics. You can rely on our professional and qualified team to provide a service that is thorough, adheres to health and safety, and bespoke to each individual. Why not reach out to us for more information on the methods laid out below?

What’s Involved in the Process? 

A thread lift in Essex is typically going to be more beneficial for people who have minimal sagging, but enough that it makes them feel uncomfortable in their appearance. During the process of your thread lift in Essex your doctor, who will be fully qualified to complete the service, will use needles or cannulas in order to insert biodegradable polydioxanone thread into the areas that are sagging. The threads will then be able to pull the skin back up and into the position that it used to be. With this motion occurring, your skin loses its sagginess and this can result in a much younger and fresher looking appearance, which can be good for our client’s confidence.

A thread lift in Essex is not the only non-surgical service that we are able to offer you, we also have a fantastic range of high quality fillers, post operative services and skin restoration and specialist treatments, which you can benefit from. As well as non-surgical services, if you would prefer to have surgery, then we can also offer a broad selection of different surgical procedures; reconstructive facial surgery, hair transplants, bunion surgery and pinnaplasty surgery are just a few examples. If the problem that you are facing is with your teeth, then our skilled dentists have cosmetic, restorative, general and hygienist services ready to help. 

Reasons to Visit FACEmed 

If you are wondering why you should have a thread lift in Essex at FACEmed, then we would be more than happy to direct you to the visions and values that we hold, and you will be able to see exactly why we are a leading choice. At FACEmed we strongly believe in innovation and going the extra mile for our clients, we stay up to date with any developments and latest procedures, so you receive the most up to date and latest thread lift in Essex. 

Offering our clients a personal approach is another value that we hold close. When you come to FACEmed for a thread lift in Essex you can be sure that we will provide a service that meets your specific needs and produces the result you desire. And finally we make sure that our team is always compassionate and works together, giving our clients a calming and comfortable environment in which to receive their treatments. 

Thinking of Getting in Touch? 

If you are still confused about what is involved in a thread lift in Essex, then our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to have a conversation with you, where they can answer any questions that you might have, and provide more details. You can give us a ring on 01268 833680 for a direct conversation, or you can email via enquiries@nullfacemed.co.uk or fill out the enquiry form found on our website.