Modern dentistry provides the solutions to many of our patients dental concerns from teeth whitening to veneers, at FACEmed we are a multidisciplinary practice and we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can help you to achieve the smile of your dreams. If you have crooked or chipped teeth, or if your teeth are off white in colour, you will know how your smile can affect your self esteem and confidence.  In this handy guide we will describe the different cosmetic treatments we offer and how they can help to improve your smile.

How to get the perfect smile?

For most people, the first step in obtaining the perfect smile is to make sure that the teeth are straight and properly aligned. 

There are different ways to straighten your teeth, depending on the severity of the  misalignment and the outcomes that you are wanting to achieve. At FACEmed we offer traditional braces and Invisalign. Let’s look at the differences between these two treatments and who these treatments are suitable for.

Why choose Fixed braces?

Fixed braces are commonly used for more complex cases of misaligned teeth. It is not only the straightness of the teeth that has to be taken into account. Your orthodontist has to take into account issues surrounding your jaw and bite and the space in the mouth to accommodate a new, straightened smile.

In the past fixed braces had a reputation for being unsightly, with metal braces obscuring the teeth and with the added problem of food easily becoming trapped in them. Nowadays, fixed braces don’t have to be unsightly and are often made from ceramic or plastic materials which can look less obvious. Your orthodontist can advise you if this is the correct treatment for your specific needs.

Why choose Invisalign to straighten your teeth?

Invisalign clear aligners offer patients a discreet way to straighten their teeth. Unlike fixed braces, most people won’t notice if you are wearing Invisalign trays. Clear aligner trays are made by taking 3D scans of the patient’s teeth. These scans are used to create a number of clear individual trays. You will wear each tray for a period of time which will allow the teeth to gradually move. Each subsequent tray you wear will have the effect of applying pressure to your teeth and moving them into their final position.

Not everyone with misaligned teeth will be suitable for Invisalign. The starting position of your teeth will impact if this treatment will work for you and if it will, how long the full course of treatment will take.

Teeth whitening

Once your teeth are straight, you may want to consider teeth whitening. You can whiten your teeth by coming into the FACEmed clinic in Billericay, or we have options for you to whiten your teeth at home. Let’s look at both of these treatment options and the benefits of each of them.

BlancOne professional in clinic teeth whitening

At FACEmed we use BlancOne as our in clinic whitening treatment. Unlike some whitening treatments on the market BlancOne is a totally safe and effective way to whiten your teeth without the side effects of sensitivity or dehydration of the tooth enamel.

Your dentist or hygienist will apply the BlancOne hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth and activate the gel with a specially designed LED lamp. It will only take 10 minutes for you to see the results from this treatment. 

This is a great option if you have a special event coming up or if you want to remove unsightly stains from drinking red wine, coffee or smoking.

BlancOne teeth whitening can be incorporated into an appointment with your hygienist leaving your mouth not only feeling clean but with a whiter, brighter smile.

At home teeth whitening kits

Some patients prefer the option of whitening their teeth in the comfort of their own homes. If you would like to whiten your teeth in this way it is really important that you get the kit from a dental clinic. In this way you know the treatment will be safe and will give you the results you want to see.

Over the counter teeth whitening gels are too weak to make a difference to the colour of your teeth and if you’re buying a whitening gel with the right amount of hydrogen peroxide to actually whiten your teeth, these can only legally be sold by a registered dental practice.

Before you begin whitening your teeth at home, your dentist will make impressions of your teeth and use these to create teeth whitening trays that will be the perfect fit for your mouth. There are different types of whitening gels that you can purchase to fit around your lifestyle. Some can be applied for a few hours in the day and some are designed to be applied at night time with the gel whitening activation happening overnight as you sleep.

At FACEmed we offer Enlighten teeth whitening and our own FACEmed Home Whitening System. If you would like to know which of these treatments would be best for your unique needs one of our friendly team would be more than happy to help you with the information you need to make a decision.

The final touches to your perfect smile

Once you have achieved straight, white teeth you may want to invest even further by evening out any final imperfections with veneers or composite bonding.

Am I suitable for veneers?

Veneers are not only a big commitment but they require a big financial investment. Once you have had the treatment done you will wear veneers for the rest of your life. You will need to have multiple appointments and fittings before you see the results of this treatment.

Your dentist at FACEmed will go over all the details of the pros and cons of porcelain veneers and give you all the time you need to decide if this treatment is for you. If your dentist decides you’re a suitable patient for veneers and you want to go ahead with this option we will design your treatment plan to help you achieve a perfect smile.

Should I get Turkey teeth?

Many people are travelling to Turkey to get veneers because of the cheaper price point of having this treatment abroad. As mentioned before, veneers are a major commitment. 

Part of the process of fitting veneers includes filing down your natural tooth so that the veneer can be placed. If a veneer comes loose, falls out or becomes stained you will need to be either in a position to travel back to Turkey and get it fixed, or visit your local dentist to repair the veneer. If you are a young adult when you get your ‘Turkey teeth’ fitted you could be signing up for years of financial commitment in maintaining your new smile for the rest of your life.

If you are thinking about travelling to Turkey or anywhere abroad to have veneers fitted we would urge you to think very carefully about this. We are more than happy to see patients who are considering this option and offer them clear advice to help them make the right decision.