Myth 1

Yellow teeth are unhealthy teeth


Dentine is the substance which is covered by enamel and this can dictate how yellow a tooth is dependent on how dense it, so this is not always an indicator as to how healthy a tooth really is. Everyone has different tooth anatomy so not everyone is born with bright white teeth however sometimes teeth can appear darker due to staining from certain foods and drinks. Habits such as smoking can also stain one’s tooth surface which can have a detrimental effect on the health of the tooth.

Myth 2

Bad breath is only caused by a poor oral hygiene regime


There are many reasons for bad breath and poor oral hygiene can be one of them, however, some smells within the mouth can come from the digestive system. Certain conditions can translate in people having bad smells from within the mouth. Most obviously foods with strong odours that linger in the oral cavity such as onions. Habits such as smoking can affect one’s breath too.

Myth 3

The only sugar that can affect my teeth are those from sweets and fizzy drinks


Sugars contained in sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks are the most obvious, however, it’s the less obvious sugars that people quite often forget about for example the sugars contained in fruit. Fruit is an important part of our daily diet, however, it contains natural sugars, which can still affect the teeth so they should ideally be consumed with our main meals and not snacked on throughout the day.

Myth 4

I am not suffering from pain or problems, therefore, I don’t need to visit the dentist


Visiting the dentist is vital regardless of whether you’re in pain or not. Many dental diseases such as decay, gum disease and even oral cancers can be symptomless, and if not detected quick enough will get progressively worse and can lead to tooth extractions. Oral cancers which are not detected in time can also be fatal!

Myth 5

Pregnancy ruined my teeth and took away all the goodness


Hormones in pregnancy can lead to an increase in inflammation, therefore in some cases, people may experience bleeding gums. Also, if you suffer from Hyperemesis gravidarum (severe sickness), then you may be more inclined to suffer from acid erosion. However, with most pregnancies, the risk of causing any long term damage is relatively low, especially with a good oral hygiene regime.