We want a younger, more confident version of ourselves — one where our friends say, ‘you look good, where have you been on holiday?’ Not ‘have you had some work done?

Can these facelifts be reliably and consistently delivered?


Modern concepts of facial anatomy, accurate surgery and, most importantly, a regular team of surgeon and anaesthetist can deliver a bespoke and comfortable facelift, rapid recovery and effective comfortable experience — as a daycase event under twilight anaesthesia.

What is the ‘twilight daycase facelift?

We have developed a team that has worked together for 15 years, delivering safe and effective (and often complex and challenging) aesthetic and reconstructive facial surgery. Together, Mr Jonathan Britto and Dr Paolo Barragia have refined the surgery and anaesthesia to such an extent where a full range of facial aesthetic surgery can be effectively and comfortably achieved without general anaesthesia. The ‘twilight’ experience delivers comfort, confidence, and the ability to be fully recovered, with no nausea or ‘anaesthetic afterload’ in recovery minutes after the dressings are placed in theatre.

Moreover, the precision of the surgery now means that the extensive bruising and swelling of previous facelift era is now at an end.

What are the ‘modern concepts’ of face lifting?

In 2003, our lead surgeon, Jonathan Britto, published a treatise on the functional anatomy of the face, describing the consistency of the layers of the face, and the relevance of this to both reconstructive and aesthetic facial surgery. In the years since, he and other prominent facelift surgeons around the world have worked on the concept of the ‘mobile face’ versus the ‘static face’. The ‘mobile face’ is created by the muscles around the eyes, nose and mouth — and these areas also carry the major stigmata of facial ageing. Directed, targeted, surgical technique in the awake patient, fully comfortable under twilight conditions, allows surgical re-balancing of the tissues for a rejuvenated natural result.

The power to operate on the facial structures in a conscious patient — fully comfortable under ‘twilight’ conditions — delivers a result for all seasons. Longevity, naturalness in the static and dynamic face, with minimal bruising and rapid recovery.

The ‘twilight’ experience improves rapid recovery, but it also helps the surgeon, the early post — surgery phase is smooth, even and non — traumatic: no coughing, no rise in blood pressure, no nausea, and no pain or discomfort. This makes for a smooth experience, no anxiety and the perfect ‘post — facelift’ conditions.

What is the patient view of this facelift experience?

The feedback so far has been very encouraging. We regularly seek feedback, always looking to improve our service and our results. The patient reported outcomes have been excellent, and we pride ourselves that this multidisciplinary team is pushing forward the safety, the care, and the technical aspects of the surgery and anaesthesia for facelift clients and patients.

This is our professional satisfaction and our pleasure. We regularly visit other centres around the world and have frequent visitors from the field of aesthetic surgery and medicine come to FACEmed to exchange experience — to learn and to teach. All this feeds back into patient care — always improving — and our concepts of contemporary, bespoke, facelift as a ‘twilight’ daycase experience have proven popularity. We are proud to offer this service and to lead the way in facelift patient care.

Jonathan Britto
Paolo Barragia
Monica Berrange