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How long have you been a patient at FACEmed?

I have been a patient of Monica’s in the non-surgical department for about 6 years now. 

What Do You Like About This Service?

I like that Monica is very knowledgeable and experienced. I don’t have to tell her what I want, she tells me what will work best and the results are always amazing. 

As a designer, I work face to face with my clients so I need to feel comfortable with myself. My face has to move naturally to enable me to interact with my customers and feel confident selling to them. I have had Botox before with a couple of other nurses but never been happy. Whereas with Monica, I’m always really pleased with the results. She makes me look refreshed, like I’ve had a good holiday and a rest, rather than looking like I’ve had something done.

She has a natural way with her patients and she makes me feel calm and reassured. It’s so important to be able to trust your practitioner and with Monica I always feel like I’m in great hands. 

What Do You Like About The Clinic? 

I like that it’s a new centre, very modern and spotlessly clean. It’s easy to get to and there’s plenty of space to park too, making my appointments hassle-free. There’s always a friendly atmosphere and the staff all make me feel really welcome. 

What is your story with Action For Hearing Loss? 

My son, Archie was born Christmas Eve 2013 with two types of hearing loss. Despite the fact that my husband also suffered from deafness since his childhood, it was missed in Archie initially. After a little while family started to notice a few potential problems. By the time he was 20 months old he started to get very angry and frustrated, so we were sure there was something wrong. 

After a lot of research, we saw a private consultant and realised he only had about 20% of his hearing. He had hearing aids and then later an operation, which made a massive difference. 

With his hearing aids Archie’s hearing is now functioning at 80%, or 60% without them. The difference in his quality of life is massive. It’s just so important that all kids with hearing loss get the help they need. 

We were very privileged, in that we were in a position to be able to privately fund everything. Getting all the equipment and speech therapy he needed. But many children out there are not so lucky. They have to wait months or even years to get the life changing help they need. Action For Hearing Loss works with these families, offering financial aid and emotional support. 

What Are You Doing To Raise Funds?

As Action For Hearing Loss is one of the smaller charities, they need all the help they can get. 

Last year we saw the London Marathon on the TV and decided to take part to raise funds. We went through the ballot, putting Action for Hearing Loss as our selected charity. They contacted me and said if we could raise the funds for the charity then our place was guaranteed. 

We’re hoping to raise over £2000 in total. 

We’ve had some really great support from our friends, family and companies we have approached. Archie’s nursery are doing a bake sale and we’ve been really touched by the support offered by Monica and the team at FACEmed. 

How Is FACEmed Supporting You?

When Monica found out what we were doing she was really supportive. There is a collection box at the FACEmed Centre and FACEmed have agreed to sponsor me £500 on my run too which is absolutely fantastic. 

Support Action For Hearing Loss

If you’d like to sponsor Pamela in the London Marathon and help other children suffering from hearing loss to get the support they need, click the link here to donate (opens in a new window)