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Foot Fillers Treatments in Essex

Are you looking for a reputable clinic that can provide foot fillers in Essex? Then look no further, because you’ve come to the best place possible. Welcome to FACEmed. We are a specialist clinic that provides a wide range of top-quality medical, dental, surgical & non-surgical treatments in the heart of Essex that helps with aesthetical enhancement boosting the confidence of our clients. As a business, we offer a bespoke approach to each individual patient alongside a multidisciplinary team approach to treatment, so you can assure that if you choose to use our clinic, it will be a decision you won’t regret.

What can you expect from FACEmed?

Here at FACEmed, all our treatments are provided by a team of highly-skilled, trained and experienced medical staff that have had years of practice. As a leading clinic, our clinic’s philosophy is that beauty should look natural, therefore, whether you’re having neck and face lift or foot fillers in Essex, we will aim to ensure that your beauty is preserved and enhanced to the best it can be without making it look unreal. Due to this reason, we have obtained a high level of client satisfaction which we are incredibly proud of; If you would like to see what our clients say about our renowned services, then make sure you check out our reviews

How do foot filler treatments work?

Suffering from pain in the balls of our feet can be a big issue when getting older, as fatty pads designed to cushion our feet when we walk become diminished due to excessive pressure and wearing. However, this isn’t a pain you should have to suffer from. Here at FACEmed, we provide dermal fillers, which are a gel-like water holding molecule that can provide a plumping effect resulting in the balls of the feet being cushioned and reducing the pain you may be enduring. This form of pain relief has been said to last between 6 to 12 months depending on its wear. The filler is made using hyaluronic acid which binds itself to the moisture that hydrates the area that has been injected, creating the pain relief cushion. 

This specific treatment is carried out by Mr Jason Nandlal who is a specialist in this field of treatments. He completed his surgical fellowship at the world renowned Bridge Hospital where he gained his Certificate of Completion of Surgical Training. Over the last 19 years, he has performed over 9000 surgical procedures making him one of the best surgeons in his field. In previous years, Mr Nandlal served as the Vice Dean of Podiatric Surgery in The College of Podiatry where is gained his special interest in performing reconstructive foot surgery, so you can be assured if you choose to have our foot fillers treatments in Essex, you will be in one of the most competent hands possible.

So, if you believe the balls of your feet are in pain due to the wear of your cushions, then our foot fillers treatment in Essex can help. Here at FACEmed, we have helped many people struggling with the same issue and it has made a big difference in their life. For more information about our foot filler treatment, get in touch with us on +44 (0)1268 833680, and a member of our team will be available to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can email us at enquiries@nullfacemed.co.uk, and we will get back to you shortly.