At FACEmed we believe that over the past 2 decades the art and science of the facial anatomy have demonstrated how ageing really occurs:

• With age, there is a loss of fat in the face, therefore, volume distribution occurs. We then develop hollow temples and eyes, the cheeks lose their definition, develop deep lines and our lips become thin and shapeless.

• The skin produces less collagen and experiences reduced elasticity so it begins to sag especially on the jowls and neck. Where muscle animation occurs under the skin the lines and wrinkles are deeper and the facial shape is also affected.

• Photodamage from the sun’s harmful rays and other environmental factors. Those who have spent too much time in the sun will manifest the sun damage as fine wrinkles around the eyes and lips, patchy pigmentation, and a dull leathery texture to the skin.

We recommend that you treat only the ageing factors that affect your skin and the aesthetic harmony of your face. Alongside an experienced medical professional, pick what works best for your skin.

The FACE Y-Lift

The FACE Y-Lift option allows you to treat specific issues separately in a much more natural and lasting way. The treatment is planned according to your needs and takes place gradually over a period of several months, starting with the ageing factor that’s most apparent.

What is the FACE Y Lift?

The FACE Y-Lift is a non-surgical procedure which recreates facial definition to enhance contours, shadows and angles of the face non- surgically through the use of injections.

What is involved?

The FACE Y-Lift consists of strategic placement of facial volumiser — Sculptra®, precise injection of Botox® and customised treatment with Dermal Fillers like Restylane®, Juvederm® or Radiesse® – in order to restore the facial balance and recreate the natural aesthetic harmony of each individual’s face.

Several sessions are required in order to synchronise correctly the required treatment of specific areas of the face in order to achieve a natural long-lasting result.

By injecting dermal fillers directly onto the surface of the bone, the appearance of your natural bone structure will be gently restructured without the need for permanent surgical implants.

This procedure is not designed to remove excess skin and reduce exaggerated facial sagging the way that facelift surgery does.

The FACE Y-Lift procedure enhances and restores the facial contours by:

• Restoring facial symmetry

• Reviving, or in some cases, recreating the jawline

• Defining cheekbones

• Brightening and accentuating the eyes, softening the tear troughs & lifting the brows

• Filling the ageing hollows of the temples

• Lifting and firming the skin including the neck area

• Rejuvenating the lips and mouth area


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Miss Monica Berrangé