Surgical facelifts can be costly, cause us a lot of down-time, and leave us with a lot of side effects – which can cause many people to look for an alternative, non-surgical solution to giving their skin a youthful and fresh look. Face Y-Lifts give you a facelift without the need for surgery. Face Y-Lifts are a completely non-surgical procedure that are used to lift, tighten, and plump the skin giving you beautiful natural-looking results.

Here at FACEmed, we have put together this short post, to explain everything that you need to know about Face Y-Lifts. We are Essex’s leading surgical, non-surgical and dentistry centre – specialising in providing our clients with a selection of medical, dental and aesthetic treatments. To learn more, read on and for further information on our Face Y-Lifts in Essex here at FACEmed – visit our website today.

What is a Face Y-Lift?

Here at FACEmed, we specialise in providing clients with the Face Y-Lift – a non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment that is making waves across the world. It is a completely non-surgical type of facelift, and is the cornerstone of our advanced approach to facial rejuvenation.

A Face Y-Lift takes only 30-45 minutes to complete and instantly gives you beautiful and natural-looking results without all of the negatives that come with having a traditional surgical facelift. It can be used to fight the signs of ageing, to tighten the skin, rejuvenate the skin, and leave us looking refreshed and beautiful.

What Can the Face Y-Lift Achieve?

The Face Y-Lift can provide you with a wide range of benefits to your face, and gives you a youthful and stunning look. It can be used to restore facial symmetry, revive or recreate the jaw line, define the cheekbones, brighten and accentuate the eyes, fill the temples, lift and firm the skin, and rejuvenate the lips. It is suitable for most patients, including both males and females of all ages. You do not have to be above a certain age to have a Face Y-Lift, however it is recommended for those who have early – late signs of ageing.

Why Opt For A Face Y-Lift?

A Face Y-Lift is an excellent alternative to having a traditional surgical face-lift, with many benefits to choosing it over surgery. It is the perfect choice for someone who wants the same results that come with a face-lift, with minimal downtime. After your Face Y-Lift you can return back to your day-to-day activities, without the need for taking time off work.

There are no incisions, no anesthesia, and no surgery involved with a Face Y-Lift, making it the ideal procedure. It is also affordable, and a lot less costly than a surgical face-lift. Face Y-Lifts also give us natural-looking results, where surgical face-lifts can end up looking unnatural and giving our skin a ‘tight or pulled’ appearance alongside scarring.

How Does the Face Y-Lift Work?

During your Face Y-Lift, a facial volumiser called Sculptra® and a precise injection of Botulinum Toxin are injected into the skin to restore the facial balance, and recreate the natural aesthetic harmony of each individual’s face. Your skin will look refreshed, rejuvenated and replenished, without the need for going under the knife. You might have some potential side effects like temporary swelling and bruising, but they should only last for a few days.

Several sessions of the Face Y-Lift are required in order to synchronise correctly the required treatment of specific issues, in order to achieve a natural and long-lasting result. We recommend having regular assessments, alongside using at-home skincare with high grade medical ingredients (available at FACEmed) to delay the ageing process and keep your skin looking beautiful for longer.

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