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High Quality Clear Braces in Essex

If you require braces but you are concerned that you will not like your appearance, then investing in clear braces in Essex may be the ideal option for you. FACEmed is able to provide services that cover dentistry, surgery and non-surgical health treatments. Our services and products are of an extremely high quality and all of our procedures are carried out by fully qualified professionals, equipped with state of the art tools. From the moment you book your consultation with us, to the support after your treatment, we will treat you with the greatest respect and strive to help you in any way we can. 

High Quality Clear Braces in Essex

Braces are a very common occurrence today, available for all different ages. Our dedicated team of professional dentists at FACEmed are able to efficiently fit your braces and carry out regular check ups to see how your teeth are responding. With our customers’ benefits at heart, we wholeheartedly embrace innovation and are always looking for potential new methods and treatments. This has allowed us to break away from traditional metal braces, and instead turn to ceramic braces, lingual braces or clear braces in Essex. 

Our dental professionals will accurately place the braces onto your teeth and secure them with glue, and begin tightening them into the right position. Through regular visits and tightening alterations, your teeth will begin to shift their positions. It is essential that a high level of oral hygiene is maintained, in order to make sure that there is no bacteria building up in or beneath your braces. We will be happy to make suggestions about the best ways and products that will clean your teeth properly. Once your brace is removed, our dentists will be on hand to advise the most appropriate measures, such as retainers, to sustain the work that your clear braces in Essex have accomplished.  

FACEmed is a multidisciplinary business and we cover a huge and diverse range of services and products. Our dental services alone cover both general treatments such as, root canals and amalgam removal, restorative treatments like crowns and implants, as well as cosmetic treatments including our clear braces in Essex, veneers and teeth whitening. Our surgical procedures cover the face, body, feet and hair, and our non-surgical services range from muscle relaxants to IV nutrition treatments.

What are the Advantages of Clear Braces? 

While braces help give your teeth a better appearance, they may also be necessary for medical reasons. Misaligned, crooked or protruding teeth can cause speech issues, jaw problems and abnormal bites therefore, having braces may be required. In cases of necessity, feeling comfortable with the look of your braces is important for self-confidence. 

The main advantage of clear braces in Essex is that they are able to blend in with your teeth and give a more natural look, rather than the very noticeable metal braces. This means that you will be able to feel comfortable within yourself at the same time that you receive an important treatment. 

Want to Speak to Our Team?
If you are interested in our clear braces in Essex, then please get in touch with us by calling 01268 833680 or emailing enquiries@nullfacemed.co.uk. Our contact page also hosts an enquiry form where you can fill in your message and details. Our friendly team will be available to provide the information you require, through whichever method of communication you prefer.