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Testosterone is an important hormone produced primarily by men and plays an important role not only in the development of male reproductive tissues but in many other functions and characteristics of the body. Hair follicles in particular are known to be sensitive to circulating testosterone. Dermal cells convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the hormone that stimulates the development of male characteristics. Hair follicles on the scalp that are sensitive to dihydrotestosterone tend to shrink thus inhibiting the growth of more hair over time. For unknown reasons however, DHT is essential for most hair growth on one’s body, the armpits, pubic hair and beard hair BUT it is detrimental to the growth of hair on the scalp, this is due to the different receptors in the scalp that cause miniaturization of the follicles in this area. Scientists worldwide continue to research why this happens on the scalp but not elsewhere. This would also explain the popular theory that bald men are more virile although there is not enough evidence that this is in fact factually correct.

Most men will never know what their testosterone levels actually are, nor do they routinely seek to know such information unless there is a clinical or functional reason affecting their lives which gives rise to the need for testing. The Private GP department at FACEmed offers bespoke Wellman Packages which assess entire wellbeing. In addition, the GP will design a bespoke set of tests that can be undertaken on the day based on your requirements.

Or, if you are thinking about hair transplantation surgery, why not see the team at FACEmed for a complementary initial consultation and assessment?

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