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At FACEmed we have seen the benefit of combining both. Whether these treatments are performed in synergy or over time, each has its own special attribution to complementing the other, and we can explain why.

Early intervention to maintain natural youthfulness and delaying of the ageing process

Early intervention doesn’t mean changing your looks. It means maintaining who you are along with your natural youthful appearance over a long period of time. Prevention during younger years is more beneficial than repair of the advanced ageing process in later life. Ideally, we should aim to maintain harmony of facial features and preserve our natural look through minimally invasive treatments, thus preventing the need for major surgical intervention in later life.

Surgical intervention stage

If the ageing process is too advanced for non-surgical treatments then surgery is necessary. Once the surgical outcome is achieved, maintenance and further improvement through non-surgical procedures is required for the optimal long-term result.

At FACEmed we have the unique offering of expertise of both disciplines. Specialising in both non-surgical and surgical aesthetic treatments means we can be completely unbiased and give you the best possible course of action whether it be one or the other or a combination of both.

Maintenance and further improvement of surgical procedures with non-surgical intervention

The easiest way to explain this is to use an example; a heavy eyelid can be prevented by treating the frown area with Botox®

before the brow and the eyelids start to show signs of droopiness. This treatment is also called the chemical brow lift. If it is too late for a non-surgical procedure then the solution is blepharoplasty and/or an endoscopic surgical brow lift which is a surgical procedure whereby the surgeon removes excess skin around the eyes and lifts the brows to counteract ‘hooding’ or ‘droopiness’. After the surgery, the best course of action for longevity and maintenance of the surgical result is a Botox® brow lift. This reduces the risk of requiring further surgical intervention at a later stage in life.