If you are someone that takes great pride in their sparkling smile, and wants it to last for many years to come, it is advisable that you attend a specialist clinic to get your teeth regularly checked up on. Over the past few years, here at FACEmed we have become one of the most sought after hygienists in Billericay; much of this is down to the fantastic team of medical staff that we have available. Their experience in the field is unrivalled, and ensures that they are able to efficiently-and-effectively spot any underlying problems and come up with a plan-of-action. We understand that you may wish to discuss your situation with one of our representatives before booking an appointment. For convenience, all of our contact information has been published on our website’s homepage.

What are the Benefits of Visiting Hygienists in Billericay?

Although you are likely to have been nagged on an almost-daily basis when you were younger regarding the importance of mouth care, the likelihood is that it was not until adulthood that you realised the truth in these words. Unfortunately for some, this realisation may not come until too late, and the damage has already been done. If this is the case, it may be that you are required to visit a hygienist. These specially-trained medical workers are experts when it comes to spotting, for example, the early stages of gum disease. With their assistance and advice, you have the opportunity to fight off this painful disease, and retain healthy teeth. For anyone that is searching for a hygienist in Billericay, look no further than FACEmed.

What Services Do FACEmed Provide?

For anyone who is unaware, here at FACEmed we do not simply operate as a hygienist in Billericay. Although this is a significant part of our business, we believe that in order to satisfy the needs of our clients demands, it is necessary to have a broad range of services. The directory that we have here is varied, allowing us to offer a range of different procedures. To us, it does not matter if you require surgery to help cure your Plantar Fasciitis, or if you are wanting to enhance your lips using dermal fillers. Our priority has always been to cater to the needs of our clients, in order to keep them smiling-and-satisfied. For anyone that is interested, you can continue reading up on the previously mentioned treatments by using the links provided.

Need a Little Convincing?

For a company to be successful amongst the competition, it must acknowledge that it is not simply enough to provide a high-quality product or service. The same goes for medical clinics such as FACEmed; whilst being home to exceptional hygienists in Billericay is positive, we aspire to be more. From the outset, we have always believed it to be important to offer our clients an experience which is hassle-free. You may be having some doubts abouts this if you have not utilised our services before – in order to put these to bed, please take the time to look at the testimonials published on our Doctify page. We believe that these reviews are a fantastic way in which to showcase our credentials, and convince you of our premium status.