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Interested in Clear Braces in Essex?

Are you considering straightening your teeth? Do you feel uncomfortable about the idea of wearing traditional braces? Then FACEmed are here to help. We know what an impact having crooked teeth can have on mental and emotional well-being. Having teeth that are out of alignment can cause people to feel self conscious about their smile, which may in turn impact their quality of life. 

Here at FACEmed, we want to help. As such we work with Invisalign to offer our customers clear braces in Essex. These treatments are easy and stress free, offering you the same excellent results that you would get with traditional braces. There’s no fuss, no metal in your mouth and no visible wires. Just a simple, effective remedy to crooked teeth. 

Clear Braces in Essex?

Invisalign is an easy to use treatment that will help straighten your teeth. If you’re interested in investing in these clear braces in Essex, then we can offer you a free initial consultation to assess the current state of your teeth and ensure that these clear braces are suitable for you. This step is the most important one in the process and should not be skipped over. 

It is vital to remember that Invisalign should not be used for everyone, particularly if your teeth are damaged or dead, as moving your teeth within the gum can be painful and cause the teeth to fall out. Here at FACEmed we will take X-rays, digital scans and dental impressions to ensure that clear braces are the right treatment for you before you purchase your bespoke clear braces in Essex. 

The Benefits of Using Invisalign 

Clear braces in Essex are an excellent way to correct teeth whilst in adulthood, particularly as straight teeth are beneficial in a competitive job market. Wearing traditional braces risks looking juvenile and many people are uncomfortable with such a decision. This is perhaps the main benefit of clear braces in Essex. They offer adults the benefits of braces without requiring the same techniques that are often used for young children. But there are other benefits as well.

Better for Oral Hygiene

While traditional braces are still effective, they can be a hassle to keep clean. They’re difficult to properly brush and they can result in bits of food being stuck between the brace and your teeth. This is completely avoidable with clear braces in Essex as, unlike traditional braces, they are not fixed into your mouth. Clear braces in Essex are removable and can be taken out when you each or brush your teeth. Once you’ve finished, you just place your braces back into your mouth and allow it to continue adjusting your teeth.

Painless Process

Clear braces in Essex are custom designed to help straighten your teeth little by little. Here at FACEmed, we will have you come in to visit our dentists every few weeks to ensure that all is well with this progression. This gentle and painless process will be comfortable for you, with little irritation to the gum.

Want to Speak to Our Staff?

If you’re suffering from overcrowding, gapped teeth, crooked teeth, an overbite or even an underbite, then Invisalign clear braces in Essex are an ideal choice for you. To arrange a consultation or to ask any questions, please contact us on 01268 833680 or write to enquiries@nullfacemed.co.uk and will be in touch accordingly.