Interested in Cosmetic Surgery in Essex?

Is there a part of your body or face that you are unhappy with and want to change? If there is, have you thought about having cosmetic surgery in Essex? FACEmed is a reputable medical centre with a team of expert doctors, dentists and surgeons who have qualifications to undertake a range of surgical, dental and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Giving our customers complete satisfaction is a top priority for us, which is why we are always looking for ways to improve our techniques and develop our services.  

Interested in Cosmetic Surgery in Essex?

Cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that is designed to give a client an enhancement or improvement on an area of their body that they are unhappy with. The cosmetic surgery in Essex we provide, covers a range of body areas, so that we are able to accommodate clients with a variety of needs. The medical professional who carries out your cosmetic surgery in Essex, will be fully qualified and undertake the surgery with strict adherence to health and safety. 

If you are feeling self conscious about sagging skin, a wrinkled face or feel that you would like to give your face a younger and healthier look once again, then we have facial cosmetic surgery in Essex that covers eyelids, ears, face reconstruction and neck and face lifts. If it is your hair that you are looking to have treatment on, we can provide high quality hair transplant surgeries, for those struggling with hair thinning and loss. 

We also offer cosmetic surgery in Essex for certain areas of the body, providing procedures such as; body contours – giving you the silhouette that you want with focuses on thighs, stomachs, and we can carry out breast implants too. 

Our experts can also assist with ankles and feet, performing surgeries for bunions, hammer and claw toes and more. You will have a consultation with our fully qualified medical professionals, who will take the time to listen to what you want to gain from having the procedure, as well as giving you the chance to ask questions. It will also be a time for your doctor to assess your suitability, and thoroughly explain the procedure, after care and side effects, prior to you making any decisions. 

You will find more detailed information about our cosmetic surgery in Essex on our website, as well as information about the other services we can provide including non-surgical treatments and dental services

Why Have Cosmetic Surgery in Essex?

The obvious benefit that you can gain from having cosmetic surgery in Essex, is that you are able to enhance and improve areas of your body that have previously caused you to be unhappy and self conscious about your appearance. With cosmetic surgery in Essex you could gain back the confidence with your body, and not only is this an improvement for your physical body, but also your mental wellbeing. 

If cosmetic surgery in Essex is something you are interested in discussing in more detail with one of our doctors, you can arrange an appointment with us over the phone by calling 01268 833680, or via email, or our contact form. Our staff are very helpful and will do what they can to provide you with a smooth and quick process.