Are you in need of braces to correct your teeth in Brentwood, and are thinking about opting for clear braces – also known as Invisalign? Here at FACEmed, we are specialists in providing our clients with Invisalign Teeth Straightening, offering you the perfect smile without the need for traditional, clunky braces. Our smile has such a big impact on how we feel and our confidence, which is why at FACEmed we provide Invisalign to get our clients feeling their best again.

FACEmed are a Cosmetic, Medical and Dental Centre in the heart of Billericay, providing our clients with a range of treatments and procedures to enhance their lives and restore their confidence. Our professionals offer our clients a wide range of treatments and procedures, including Invisalign, Dermal Filler, Neck Lifts, Dental Implants and many more.

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Invisalign at FACEmed

Invisalign Teeth Straightening provides clients with the perfect smile that they have always wanted, without the need for traditional braces. Invisalign are near-invisible aligners, that will comfortably help you achieve beautiful, straight teeth – whether you are suffering from overcrowding, gapped teeth, an overbite, or an underbite. Invisalign are custom-designed to fit your teeth perfectly and move them little by little. The Invisalign system gives our clients amazing results, without all of the hassle and complaints that come with traditional braces.

They are comfortable and created just for you to fit the edge of your gums. They are also fully removable, so you can continue to eat all of your favourite foods and play sports. Best of all, they’re nearly invisible, so you can feel confident throughout your treatment without worrying about the appearance of thick prominent braces.

The Invisalign Process

When you decide to have Invisalign Teeth Straightening with FACEmed, we will bring you in for an initial assessment which is easy and stress-free. Here we will assess your current problems and make sure you’re a suitable candidate for Invisalign. We may also take X-Rays, digital scans, and a dental impression of your teeth.

Once our dentist has assessed you, we will then design a bespoke plan for your smile transformation and custom-make your aligners for you. You will then be able to come and see your first set of aligners and get all of the information that you need about your new smile. From here, you can live your life and enjoy your new Invisalign aligners. You will then attend our clinic for regular check-ups every 6-8 weeks, to assess your progress and so we can provide you with your next pack of aligners.

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