Whilst this isn’t necessarily a problem, it adds an extra layer of complexity to the procedure. In some cases it may just require a slightly different approach, whereas in others we may need to completely remove or undo the previous treatment, in order to give you the best end result.

In these circumstances it is essential that you choose a surgeon and team that are is experienced and have has all the resources and knowledge they need to perform the procedure safely.

Here at FACEmed we’re a multidisciplinary team. This means we all have our own unique specialisms specialties but we work together, often consulting together on specific patients for specific challenges to ensure you get the best procedure accounting for your unique medical aesthetic history, your health, and your planned outcome.

This particular situation tends to crop up most frequently when working with the face, eyes and eyelids. Because of the surge in popularity of dermal fillers to help with eye bags and drooping lids, we’re seeing more and more surgical patients who need a slightly different approach to undo or compensate for the previous treatment.

At FACEmed you get the benefit of an experienced, award-winning surgeon combined with a team of expert practitioners in other cosmetic disciplines. By consulting with the whole team at FACEmed, we’re able to ensure the best practice is adhered to and that your procedure is safe and a success.

If you’d like to find out more about how FACEmed team can help you to get the natural, more balanced look you desire call us today on 01268 833680 to book a consultation.


Jonathan Britto