So what’s to thank for this about turn in attitude towards this treatment?

There’s been a few contributing factors, including individuals becoming more educated on the safety and efficacy of the treatments in the right professional hands. Also, self-pride in our appearance which has been proven to have a positive impact on our psychological and physiological well-being, but I think it is possible that the biggest impact has come from the positive stories in the media.

In recent years, the media has heavily glamourised anti-ageing procedures such as Botox injections and dermal fillers, making them more accepted and slowly breaking down the stigma that was once attached to these type of medical treatments.
From TV & Magazines to Instagram and YouTube, today’s media world is constantly pushing an unrealistic expectation of perfection, and much of society strives to achieve it. the unachievable.

You can’t go a single day without being bombarded with images of handsome chiselled men and stunning, ageless women in ads, television shows and even the newspapers. Everywhere you look there is something promoting the illusion that beauty comes in one form and that if you want to be beautiful you must look flawless and youthful.

This celebrated ideal of perfection in the media, whether right or wrong, has created an image-conscious society where both men and women feel increased pressure to conform. So it’s not surprising that people are looking for ways to achieve this younger, fresher look.
But I believe what’s made the real difference in how Botox® is viewed is the celebrity uptake and the media coverage and acceptance of it as an effective and safe anti-aging option.

Stories about celebrities undergoing the latest aesthetic procedures are a constant source of news and people like to read about it.

Many popular TV shows have played a part in ‘normalising’ anti-ageing procedures. With many of its stars openly discussing the work they have undergone and celebrating the results they have enjoyed. But it’s not only reality TV stars, big A List celebs including Kylie Minogue and Sharon Osbourne have admitted to getting Botox® injections in the past to improve their appearance and keep the wrinkles at bay too. With Simon Cowell describing it as “no more unusual than toothpaste”.

All these factors have a strong effect on society’s changing perceptions of ageing and help feed our innate desire as human beings to be competitive.

For the last 10 years men have also been using the treatment to delay the aging process, hold a high flying career or just to keep up with their partners. Recent reports show that the number of men actively seeking out Botox® has increased by more than 310 percent since 2000 and here at FACEmed alone, we’ve seen more than a 20% rise in male patients undergoing the treatment ion the last 8 years.

Media coverage of Botox® and other anti-ageing treatments isn’t slowing down and society continues to desire youth, beauty and perfection.

Therefore, whether you love it or loathe it, it looks as if the muscle relaxing injections, widely known as Botox®, is here to stay and its popularity is only set to increase in the world of cosmetic and medical treatments.

Monica Berrangé