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Have you always felt a little discomfort when engaging in sex, due to having vaginal lips which you perceive as being too big? Do you wish to undergo a labiaplasty in Essex, but haven’t found a suitable clinic? Should you find yourself answering positively to one or both of the previous questions, we believe that you could benefit from the services offered by the clinicians here at FACEmed. We are a centre that looks to use innovative and modern techniques and treatments to help patients stay happy and healthy. The staff that we have here, thanks to rigorous training, are competent in the provision of countless services. If you would like to request a free consultation, or have any questions, please get in touch using the contact methods outlined on our website.




Helping you Understand Labiaplasties




Here at FACEmed, we recognise that a labiaplasty in Essex is not the most common of procedures, and as such people may have misconceptions regarding its benefits and what it entails. As a clinic that has facilitated labiaplasties in Essex for a number of years, we are pleased to offer some insight into the matter. At its most basic, this is a treatment that is used to alter the shape and form of the labia majora and minora. Those who decide to undergo this procedure often do so in order to gain more confidence in how their genitals look. Others are caused pain by an oversized labia, and wish to have it reduced in order to enjoy a more comfortable life. This is also a treatment which some see as a way in which to become more sexually active, thanks to more of an aesthetically pleasing vagina.

What Can FACEmed Help with?

We are pleased to inform you that should you decide that FACEmed is the clinic for you, we are home to more than one treatment. Whilst our abilities to perform successful labiaplasties in Essex has certainly earned us much attention, this is not the full extent of our abilities. Whether you are looking to hydrate your skin in a non-surgical manner, or you desire to augment your breasts through surgery, you can be sure that we will achieve first-class results for you. If you click on the respective links above, you will be able to read, in more detail, what both of the treatments involve.

What Do our Past Clients Say?

Whilst we can make all the arguments that we want regarding our capabilities, it is likely to fall upon deaf ears if you are unfamiliar with FACEmed. Undergoing a treatment which is particularly sensitive and intimate, such as a labiaplasty in Essex, means that you will want to have full confidence in your attending clinician. In order to instil confidence in prospective clients, we ask that before making a booking with us, you first visit our dedicated Doctify page. It is here that you will be able to browse through more than four hundred testimonials, all of which have been written by past clients who couldn’t be happier with the results that we achieved for them. These glowing reviews, we hope, will serve to demonstrate to you our abilities that we have in our chosen field.