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Long, sexy lashes are what every girl wants but Mother Nature doesn’t always provide. Lash extensions can be oh-so expensive and time consuming and fakies just way too fiddly, but new technology is on hand to help…..

If your lashes need a bit of a boost, look no further than the latest evolution in lash enhancing products - RevitaLash®. Now, for the first time, women can actually enhance their own eyelashes and achieve longer, thicker, fuller, and darker looking lashes even without makeup.

The secret is out and it’s fast becoming a celebrity favorite in America, receiving rave reviews from such fans as Marcia Cross, Anne Hesche, Felicity Huffman, Debra Messing, Lorraine Bracco, Hayden Panettiere, Dayna Devon and many more. It can be found at high-end spas and specialty retailers throughout the US. And now it’s available here in the UK.

RevitaLash® is a revolutionary eyelash conditioner developed by renowned American ophthalmologist, Michael Brinkenhoff, M.D who has been practicing for more than 25 years. He developed the product for his wife, Gayle, who had been suffering from breast cancer and had lost most of her eyelashes. RevitaLash® achieved such impressive results, that they agreed it should be shared with other women.

The product has given such joy to Gayle and many women recovering from breast cancer that the company is committed to supporting non-profit breast cancer research and education initiatives.

If you are looking to enhance the look of your eyelashes, contact our Essex clinic to see how RevitaLash eyelash conditioner treatment can make your eyelashes stand out from the crowd.

A Hollywood Favourite

There has been no other eyelash conditioner in America that has received so much Hollywood acclaim and press in the media. Stars from Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Ugly Betty, and several movie sets are all users of RevitaLash. Anne Heche, Barbara Walters, Jennifer Esposito, Marcia Cross, and many others swear by it!

Directions for Use

Apply a thin line of RevitaLash™ to the base of the eyelashes (as though you were applying eyeliner) to produce dramatic results. Once results are achieved, apply two to three times a week for maintenance. Each tube should last approximately three to five months.

Interested in Eye Lash Treatment?

For further details on RevitaLash or eyelash enhancement treatments in Essex, contact our Facial Aesthetics and Cosmetic Enhancement clinic in Essex where we can offer advice and treatment to give you thicker, fuller and enhanced eyelashes!

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