Why did you feel you needed change the way you look?

For me it wasn’t about changing the way I look, it was about getting rid of the loose skin around my neck. I was very self-conscious about it. It stopped me from wearing the clothes I wanted to wear and I always felt like people were staring at it. I always wore scarves to hide it. Now I feel much more confident and I am happy to wear any clothing I like, even if it reveals my neck.

Did you research medical centres that could provide the services you needed?
I had tried different non-surgical treatments in the past but I’d had very little results. I knew they wouldn’t be enough to help my loose skin so I started researching surgeons. I knew Monica already as she administers my fillers and Botox ® treatments on my forehead and jawline. I trust her completely so I asked her to recommend a surgeon. When she said that Jonathan Britto was available at FACEmed, it just felt like the right and natural choice.

What treatments were recommended?

Jonathan recommended a neck and jawline lift. When I went to see Jonathan and described the problem he was very understanding. I could tell he was very thorough and keen to ensure I got the right treatment for my specific issue. After three consultations we settled on a treatment plan. I loved that Jonathan put me completely at ease. We had a laugh, I felt like I could tell him anything and when he made his recommendation for the neck and jawline lift, it made absolute sense.

What was the experience like at FACEmed?

Fabulous! The whole process was so easy. We arrived early in the morning. My husband dropped me off and went shopping and then came back to collect me after the surgery. I felt very welcome at the centre. Paolo the anaesthetist was great and everyone, from the receptionist to the nurses, made me feel at ease. Jonathan came to talk to me prior to surgery too, so I felt totally relaxed and there was no need for apprehension.  I was amazed when the bandage was removed three or four days after the surgery. There was no visual bruising at all, just a tiny bit behind my ears which my hair covers. I was so pleased. I haven’t told anyone about the surgery except my husband and daughter. No-one has noticed I have had surgery, other than the fact that I don’t wear scarves anymore! A testament to Jonathan’s skill only a week after surgery!

Would you use the Centre again?

Definitely, without a doubt.

What would you say to other people considering surgery at FACEmed? 

I really couldn’t recommend them enough. It has been the easiest process. I have always felt supported and secure before, during and after the surgery. At no time throughout the process did I feel uneasy or worried that something might go wrong. I was just so amazed at how good and comfortable it has all been.

It’s been funny remembering not to move my neck after surgery. To start with I had to turn my whole body instead, but overall it has been great. I keep hearing Jonathan in my head saying “Don’t move!” It makes me laugh. I simply cannot praise the team at FACEmed enough. It is clear that the team are the right ones for FACEmed, they get on so well and work together so seamlessly. That comes across to the patients in everything they do.

Terri   Before & After 2

Patient named changed for confidentiality

Jonathan Britto – Lead Surgeon