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Centre Principal

(Registered General Nurse)

(Independent Nurse Prescriber)

Miss Monica Berrangé

Dip HE RGN (Registered General Nurse) INP (Independent Nurse Prescriber) Member of the: Nursing Midwifery Council, Royal College of Nursing, Aesthetic Nurse Forum UK.

If you’re looking to safely restore your health, youth and beauty or recreate harmony in your facial features, then Monica provides outstanding excellence in all medical non-surgical treatments available at the FACEmed. As a leading expert in her field and winner of GOLD at The Aesthetic Awards, since 2004 Monica has treated many tens of thousands of patients and gained thousands of hours of experience of independent and multidisciplinary professional practice.


Before specialising in medical aesthetics, Monica’s background was in general medicine, plastic surgery, burns and trauma. Monica has an exceptional level of skill and can help you to create natural, balanced results and also to restore health and functionality. By getting to know you and working closely with you on a one to one basis, Monica will use her talents and specialist skills to create the results you require, whether you’re looking to for anti-ageing treatments or to restore function and normal appearance, or if you are just looking to regain healthy glowing rejuvenated skin.

Care and Guidance

With her unique approach, you’ll be sure to get individual undivided attention. This personal approach ensures that you’ll achieve exceptional care and the natural look that Monica is renowned for. Her extra effort, patience and artistry is what stands her apart from the rest and her precise placement technique, advanced medical skills and knowledge combined with a woman’s deft touch means you get the best and longest lasting results. Monica will give you a comprehensive assessment so you can make an informed choice. Together you will explore, realistically, what can actually be achieved. Limitations and contraindications will be explained and only then, a comprehensive medical or cosmetic non-surgical treatment plan will be chosen and prescribed.

Monica’s Approach

Monica’s aim is to enhance lives, to promote well-being and boost confidence and self-esteem by restoring health, function and normal appearance as nature intended; it is not her intention to transform you into someone else. She is committed to obtaining the best results with each procedure she performs. Careful attention to detail during each session allows for long term health restoration and for the natural-seeming appearance to emerge which avoids the “overdone look.” Almost any procedure can be performed quickly; however, performing a task to the best of one’s ability generally takes some time. Monica believes it’s worth this extra effort to obtain the most natural results.

The Force Behind FACEmed

Having concentrated on her own non-surgical treatment clinic in Crays Hill – Billericay since 2008, Monica saw an opportunity to provide clients with a full surgical, non-surgical and dental state-of-the-art purpose-built facility. The idea was born and no expense was spared in the design, planning, building, developing and staffing of the Centre to ensure each and every patient has everything required to make their treatment a success. June 2017 saw the opening of the FACEmed Cosmetic, Medical & Dental Centre in Crays Hill- Billericay and client feedback has been exceptional. Being Centre Principle, Monica, of course, oversees the running of the Centre however she can usually be found in the clinic as the Centre’s lead non-surgical practitioner. Her goal is to continue to provide Patient-focused, individualised care and service of an exceptional standard with an uncompromising commitment to Patient safety and comfort. Consideration of individual needs and affording all our Patients respect, compassion and dignity will be at the core of all service delivery in line with our established reputation.



Miss Berrange is the Director, Founder and only shareholder of Facemed Ltd.