Why have a medical?

Being proactive about your healthcare and identifying issues early is key to keeping yourself well. In this busy world, making time to proactively look at your health can be hard. Well-being medicals can identify issues early, even before you have symptoms and therefore allow for early intervention.  Our GPs will offer a range of well-being medicals from bespoke medicals that are a full body health screening, or they can keep it simple with focused screening, on such things as your cardiovascular health or hormones.

What kind of tests will I have?

These will range from electrocardiography (ECG) traces, smears/prostate tests/ tumour markers and referral for xrays/scans.  All investigations apart from xrays/scans will be taken by the doctors themselves in your appointment.

What if I am recommended treatment?

Our GPs can advise you on medical treatment regimens, supply you with private prescriptions if required and refer you on to private consultants of your choosing.

Is it confidential?

Completely. Information regarding your health care is not shared with anyone you wish it not to be, including the NHS, should you wish that to be the case.

Do I need medical insurance?

No, the medicals are not restricted to insured patients. Some insurers may offer to pay for the medicals but this is something we would encourage you to check before you visit, as you will need to retain your receipt to claim from your insurance.

Who is this for?

Anyone over the age of 18 can book into see our GPs for well-being appointments. The service will be starting in February 2018. We will post up the services on offer soon. In the meantime, please drop us a line or call to find out more to register your interest in the service and we will be in touch soon.

Dr Jo Josson McConnell