Aqualyx® Fat Dissolving at FACEmed

Aqualyx® is a biocompatible, biodegradable injectable solution made from a complex of the desoxycholate family that has been physically modified for the use of dissoluting fat cells which the body in turn expels naturally. Aqualyx was launched in 2009 in Italy and has grown exponentially in popularity over the few years due to the non-invasive ability to reduce fat without the need for surgical intervention such as liposuction. Aqualyx® has been specifically designed to target smaller ”tricky” pockets of fat such as the ‘double chin’. These areas do not necessarily justify the risk of having surgery nevertheless present a valid opportunity for less invasive fat dissolving injections such as Aqualyx®. It is the perfect solution for those that life an active healthy lifestyle, maintain a stable weight yet have stubborn pockets of fat that are difficult to reduce, tone and tighten naturally.

What to Expect and Areas Treated

The most commonly treated areas with Aqualyx® are the double chin (submental), abdomen, flanks, saddle bags and fatty areas of the back such as along the bra strap.  A minimum of 3 treatments is recommended and it is possible that an improvement will not be seen until after the 2nd treatment. A minimum interval of 4 weeks is required in between treatments. Once the desired results have been achieved the treatment can last forever however this is dependant on the lifestyle of the patient and strict maintenance of body mass.

The treatment itself consists of a series of injections to the desired area and usually lasts approximately 25 minutes. Post treatment the area will feel tender to touch and can swell for up to two weeks. There can also be visible redness or discolouration to the treated area for up to 2 weeks.

Clinical Publication, click the link below to download pdf

Aesthetics Journal 2014 – Dr Vincent Wong explores the development of injectable lipolysis


Your Aqualyx® Specialist:

Miss Monica Berrange

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Price Guide

Double Chin (Submental Area) Course of 3, 4-6 weeks apart…………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Body Package, Course of 3, 4-6 weeks apart From £1650.00 to £2500



All treatments are paid in full at point of delivery.