Facial Asymmetry and Deformity Correction Treatment

Maintaining balanced facial features

Many malformations or distortion of the facial features can be congenital or acquired due to severe burns, trauma or deformity following surgery.

Facial deformities can be corrected to maintain the balance of the facial features and to avoid disabling psychological distress so that individuals can carry on with their lives as normal.

FACEmed offer non-surgical medical treatments to correct facial deformities. Not all adult facial asymmetry patients are candidates for non-surgical correction and non-surgical facelifts, therefore patient assessment and selection remain major factors in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Balanced, but not perfect

It isn’t essential to make the face perfectly symmetric, but to create improved balance between the two halves of the face is desirable.

Although research affirms the importance of symmetry, most people agree that a perfectly symmetrical face is unnatural, if not impossible to achieve through medical non-surgical or surgical correction.

The correction of facial asymmetry can be accomplished by several avenues. The cause and severity of the condition often dictates if a medical non-surgical procedure is appropriate or if surgery would be most applicable. If the asymmetry is minor soft tissue related then either dermal filler or a facial volumiser may be a suitable treatment.

Monica’s goal with non-surgical procedures isn’t necessarily to make the face perfectly symmetric, but to create improved balance between the two halves of the face and minimize the appearance of the malformation. She carefully sculpts certain areas, improving the definition, shape, and contour of one side more than the other.

If there is asymmetry and imbalance of the brows positioning, she can improve brow position using a muscle relaxant.

The results of the non-surgical procedures with dermal fillers, volumisers or muscle relaxants are temporary and a treatment plan will be established for the effects to be maintained.

In some cases surgery may be recommended where non-surgical intervention would be deemed ineffective. 

Your Facial Asymmetry Specialist:

Miss Monica Berrange


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