Restylane® Dermal Filler Treatment in Essex

Treating the signs of ageing

Skin shape, volume and hydration are largely determined by the levels of Hyaluronic Acid found naturally in the skin which decreases with age.

One way to treat wrinkles and enhance facial features is to inject extra hyaluronic acid to replenish volume loss and rehydrate the skin. Restylane® Skinbooster is a facial dermal filler treatment we provide at our cosmetic enhancement clinic in Essex. Dermal fillers are an ideal treatment for ageing skin, facial wrinkles, lip enhancement and skin volume.

What is Restylane® Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are made from a highly purified form of Hyaluronic Acid, which mimics the effects of the skin’s own natural Hyaluronic acid. They contain lidocaine (a type of anaesthetic) for increased comfort during the skin treatment.

Restylane® dermal filler products can be used for the treatment of:

Your Restylane® Specialist:

Miss Monica Berrange

Softening and erasing lines and wrinkles

Mouth corners

Chin enhancement

Replace soft-tissue volume loss

Lip enhancement and definition

Cheek enhancement

Hollow temples

Scar correction

Nose to mouth lines

Nose correction

Brow lift


Please hover/tap on the images below to see the Before & After examples

Lower face dermal filler and Botox®

Marionette lines dermal filler

Naso-labial fold filler and lower face Botox® male patient

Lower face dermal filler and Botox®

Nose reshaping

Your experience and the future

Topical cream or local anaesthetic may be used depending on the area treated & personal preference. The gel is injected into the skin with a fine needle or cannula. Discomfort is minimal & won’t last long. A ‘touch-up’ treatment 2-4 weeks later may be necessary to achieve an optimal correction.

Restylane® dermal filler results will last for 6 -12 months, depending on lifestyle, skin structure, age & the degree of perfection demanded. A huge benefit with this product is that your body breaks it down completely so you are able to make choices about your appearance to ensure you always have the most appealing features of the time.

Possible side effects

There is no risk of allergic reactions using these dermal fillers and is used instantly without pre-testing. Short-term common injection-related reactions may occur: redness, pain, itching & tenderness. Swelling & bruising may last for 2-3 days.

The result

Instant gratification; the result is instantaneous, producing long-lasting facial rejuvenation, natural improvement, gentle an safe to the skin. Wrinkles & lines are smoothed, the volume in your cheeks will be restored, the shape of your nose changed and lips enhanced instantly.

The great thing is, you can replenish your looks whenever you feel the need; a touch-up is easy and can be performed whenever you like.

Price Guide

Consultation No charge
Restylane® Classic From £350.00
Perlane £350.00
Restylane® SubQ £350.00



All treatments are paid in full at point of delivery.