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Dental Price Guide

Examination & Diagnostic (Adults)

Comprehensive New Patient Examination (includes X-Rays if needed) £95.00
Routine Existing Patient Examination £95.00
Small Radiographs (each) £10.00
Panoral (OPG) Radiograph £50.00 
CBCT (Cone Beam CT Scan) £150.00


Full Examination


Fissure Sealant


Childrens Hygiene Appointment


Extraction of Deciduous Tooth

From £45.00

Extraction of Adult Tooth

From £75.00 
Child’s Composite Filling From £90.00-£110.00
Child’s Composite Filling with Laser From £150.00-£170.00


Root Canal Treatment on Adult Tooth From £450.00- £650.00

Preventative: Hygiene and AirFlow

Routine Hygiene Appointment £85.00
Extensive Hygiene Appointment £125.00
Routine Hygiene with AirFlow  £135.00
Routine Dentist exam with Scale and Polish £170.00 
Routine Dentist exam with AirFlow Clean £200.00
Nightguard £350.00

Laser Periodontal Therapy

Laser Periodontal Therapy per arch £500.00

Cosmetic Bonding and Whitening (Adults)

Composite Bonding (per tooth) £295.00
Enlighten Whitening System £600.00
Enlighten Top-Up Whitening Gel (per syringe, on prescription) £50.00
FACEmed Professional Home Whitening System £390.00
FACEmed whitening Top-Up Gel (per syringe, on prescription) £25.00

Restorations (Composite White Fillings) Adults

White filling (dependant on complexity) From £180 – £250
Laser Filling (dependant on complexity)  From  £220 – £320

Porcelain Restorations (Adults)

Veneers (per unit) From £750.00
Crowns (per unit) From £750.00
Bridges (per unit) From £750.00 – £850.00
Laser Crown Lengthening From £225.00

Laser Crown Lengthening Multiple Teeth


Root Canal Treatment, Adults (not including crown if required)

Anterior (front) Tooth £600.00
Posterior (back) Tooth £700.00
Additional Laser Charge per Root Canal Treatment (if applicable)  £195.00


Patients are referred to a specialist denture clinic.

Sports Guards

Sports Guard £110.00

Tooth Extraction (Adults)

Extraction (per tooth) £150.00
Surgical Extraction £200.00

Invisalign (Adults)

Smile Evaluation Consultation & 3D Smile Simulation Scan Complimentary
Invisalign Both arches – Moderate Case (Includes final retainers and FACEmed Whitening) £3910.00
Invisalign Both arches – Comprehensive Case (Includes final retainers and FACEmed Whitening) £4750.00 

Sedation (Adults)

Sedation (per hour) From £300.00

Emergency Appointments

Adult Child
Emergency Appointment New Patient (Does not include any treatment that is offered) £100.00 £50.00
Emergency Appointment Existing Patient (Does not include any treatment that is offered) £50.00 No Charge

A 50% deposit is taken to secure all dental appointments.

Deposits are non-refundable for all missed appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice.