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Root Canal Treatment

What is root canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a procedure undertaken to repair and save a tooth or multiple teeth that have become badly infected or decayed. Root Canal Treatment is usually performed by an endodontist and can require two or more visits to the dentist before the treatment is fully complete.

Most dentists will perform root canal treatment however if the case is complex then it will be referred to a specialist in root canal treatment also known as an endodontist. Here at FACEmed we have the facility for both.


How is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

Once the dentist has identified a tooth that requires root canal treatment he/she will ensure that the appropriate X-Rays are taken in order to clearly see the extent of the damage within the tooth.

Root canal treatment is routinely performed under local anaesthetic however sedation can be offered to patients who may be particularly nervous or whereby the case is particularly complex.

The dentist will proceed to open up the tooth and clear out the infected pulp or soft tissue from within. Once it is cleared out the dentist will ensure the area is cleaned out. The root canal of the tooth is usually very narrow, the dentist will proceed to enlargen these canals in order to create more space for filling. Some teeth are quicker to do than others, for example the ‘chewing’ teeth at the back also known as the molars have multiple roots therefore the procedure takes slightly longer for these teeth whereas the front teeth and canines only have one or possibly two roots which means they can be treated quicker. If the treatment is undertaken over multiple visits the dentist will fill the treated area with medication and seal it with a temporary filling until your next visit.

The last stage of root canal treatment involves filling the root canals and tooth is filled with root canal filling along with a white tooth coloured filling to finish. As root canal treated teeth become weaker than healthy unrestored teeth, the dentist will usually recommend that a crown is placed on the tooth to protect it. This is a porcelain or ceramic ‘cap’ that completely covers the tooth and protects it from future breakage. The crown is cemented into place and in some cases your own tooth will be trimmed down to make way for the crown.

Root Canal Treatment has a success rate of approximately 90%. 

Your Root Canal Treatment Dentists:

Profile of Dr Calin Berrange

Dr George Berrange

Dr Sheth Profile photo

Dr Ketan Sheth

Price Guide (prices do not include a Crown if required)

Root Canal Treatment Anterior From £600.00
Root Canal Treatment Posterior £700.00 – £850.00
Re-Root Canal Treatment Additional £125.00

Additional Laser Treatment (if applicable)