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Six Month Smiles

Long-Term Results, Short-Term Commitment!

FACEmed is proud to offer Six Month Smiles, the discreet short-term clear braces option. The treatment is led by Dr Jan Einfeldt, International Clinical Instructor of Six Month Smiles. Dr Einfeldt prides himself on his extensive experience and special interest in smile makeovers using short-term orthodontics such as Six Month Smiles.

As with most things in life, everyone is different and if you don’t have the time to dedicate to traditional long-term braces and simply cannot commit to Invisalign clear aligner schedule then Six Month Smiles is for you!


What to expect

Initial assessment

At your initial assessment with Dr Einfeldt, your suitability to the Six Month Smile treatment plan will be determined and Dr Einfeldt will thoroughly discuss the process, commitment and realistic outcomes that you are likely to achieve within six months. Photographs will be taken which are useful to track your progress and for reassurance!

Brace fitting

Next up is your brace fitting appointment. Within 1-2 hours you will be fitted with your discreet clear braces with tooth coloured wires. Once you’ve gotten used to them you will forget you have them and others will hardly notice them.

Smile transformation in progress

After 1 month you may not have noticed but your teeth will have already begun to move! From month 2 – 5 you will attend the clinic for some minor adjustments. At these points you will see a huge difference. There are usually 3-7 adjustments in total, this is dependent on your individual requirements. By the 6th month you will wonder where the time went and why you didn’t have Six Month Smile braces fitted a long time ago. Your braces should soon be ready to come off and you will leaving the clinic finally with a brand new smile.

Your Six Month Smile Dentists:

Price Guide

Smile Evaluation & Treatment Proposal Free of charge
Upper & Lower Fixed Tooth Coloured Braces £3200.00

Includes final upper and lower fixed and removable retainers & whitening.

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