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Bespoke Well Man

A full body health assessment specifically for men

Why use our Bespoke Well Man health screening service? Simple. Prevention is always better than cure.

Making time to check your health status using personalised, comprehensive and in-depth analysis minimises your risk of serious disease and maximises your health benefits. Picking up warning signs early can mean the prevention of bigger problems or provide proactive interventions and treatments when necessary.

You will feel at ease with our experienced GP Partners, Dr Peck and Dr Josson McConnell, who have dedicated time to listen and focus on your concerns. You will receive bespoke tailored advice and treatment plans for you, based on your findings. Your package includes the time spent with your doctor, the tests you’ll need and then the follow up report. The report will include recommendations for improving your health and you can choose to have a follow up appointment to discuss your findings and treatment plan if you wish. 

Your Bespoke Well Man package includes:

60 minute appointment with doctor to discuss any health concerns and to include full physical exam, BP, weight, urinalysis, bowel and prostate issues.

Also blood tests: bone marrow, kidneys, liver, thyroid, glucose, proteins, calcium, iron , PSA and testosterone levels.

Faecal occult blood for bowel cancer screening.

Results and report to be posted

Your Bespoke Well Man Specialists:

Dr Jo Josson McConnell

Dr Sibel Peck

Price Guide

Bespoke Well Man package £650.00
Follow up appointment with same doctor £150.00 (for 20 min appointment)

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