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qFIT Bowel Screen

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Helping to detect the early signs of bowel cancer and other bowel diseases

The service offered by Dr Peck and Dr Josson McConnell offers a focused health review of your digestive system and bowels. The new Quantitative Faecal Immunochemical Test (qFIT) is a test to detect hidden or ‘occult’ blood in stool samples. Regular bowel screening can help detect the early signs of bowel cancer, diverticulitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Early identification of bowel cancers lead to a greater success rate on curing disease. This screening is through blood tests and stool samples (the latter in the comfort of your own home).

Your qFIT Bowel Screen includes:

30 minute appointment to assess for symptoms, family history, examination

Stool testing

Tumour marker blood test Ca19-9 and health check bloods

Results to be sent via letter/email or follow up call

Your Bowel Screen Specialists:

Dr Jo Josson McConnell

Dr Sibel Peck

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