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Surgical Procedures Available at FACEmed

The main theatre at FACEmed is equipped with modern cutting-edge equipment and is also a fully functioning teaching theatre with specialist surgical video broadcasting capabilities. Face and body surgery at FACEmed are undertaken as daycase procedures under local anaesthetic and IV sedation. There are many benefits to having your surgery under twilight sedation rather than full general anaesthetic, not only do you avoid the majority of the risks associated with general anaesthetic but you also experience less swelling and a faster recovery time.

Ask a member of our team for a sedation factsheet should you wish to know more about IV sedation surgery. Our Surgeons offer a range of procedures such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasties), face and neck lifts, endoscopic brow lifts, labiaplasty aka vaginal rejuvenation surgery, hair transplantation surgery and foot surgery such as bunion removal and hammer toe surgery.

For more information on the day stay procedures below and our inhouse surgeons, see below. If you would like to book a consultation, please call 01268833680 and speak to a member of the FACEmed surgical team. 


FACEmed Surgeons & Anaesthetists

Ms Kallirroi Tzafetta

Mr Jason Nandlal

Dr Zabeeh Ullah

Professor Ben Miranda Profile Picture

Professor Ben Miranda

Bhagwat Mathur


Dr Shashi Gopinathi

Dr Mohammed Yaqoob

Dr Mohammed Yaqoob

Ms Monica Fawzy

Profile of Dr Aby Valliattu