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Facial procedures for men – ACHEIVE a more youthful or masculine look

For many men, facial procedures can give you improved confidence, a better body image and an increased sense of well-being.

With procedures available for all parts of the face, including the brow, eyelids, nose, jawline, chin and ears, our Plastic Surgeons can provide you with a youthful enhancement and more masculine definition. With backgrounds in craniofacial reconstruction our Plastic Surgery team have a unique insight into facial surgery and an in-depth knowledge of the best techniques including implant technology, structural fat grafting and skeletal surgery for male facial sculpting.

Procedure & Recovery Time

You may be able to complete your procedure as a day patient or in some cases an overnight stay will be needed. Your recovery time should be between 1-3 weeks depending on the procedure you are having. You can expect to return to work and get back to your usual routine after a couple of weeks rest. 

Male Breasts – get rid of your “man boobs” and improve your confidence

If you’re embarrassed by your ‘moobs’ you’re not alone and there is a solution. Gynaecomastia, (‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’) is one of the most common reasons young men consult a plastic surgeon.

Our Plastic Surgeons have the knowledge and finely tuned skills to give you a natural looking result, reducing your excess breast tissue whilst minimising any scarring. The procedures usually involve re-balancing of the skin, fat and nipple position. Occasionally, staged procedures with liposuction and open surgery may be advised in pursuit of the optimum contoured result.

Procedure & Recovery Time

You will need to plan to take a few days away from work but you can expect to resume life as normal shortly thereafter. Gynaecomastia procedures can generally be undertaken as day surgery and in most cases you will not require an overnight stay.


Male aesthetic surgery is bespoke and surgical plans are carefully planned between the Consultant Surgeon and the Patient. Please call a member of the FACEmed surgical team to find out more about costs.

Your Male Aesthetic Surgery Consultants:

Ms Kallirroi Tzafetta

Mr Hagen Schumacher

Bhagwat Mathur


Professor Ben Miranda Profile Picture

Professor Ben Miranda