Professional Dentist in Essex

If you would like to have work done on your teeth and require the services of a professional dentist in Essex, FACEmed has the team that you need. Based in Essex, FACEmed is a high quality centre that offers professional aesthetic treatments, in surgical, non-surgical and dentistry forms. You can trust that your doctor will be fully qualified to carry out your treatment, and will also provide you with first class client care. 

Professional Dentist in Essex

We provide treatments in a number of dentistry fields, including cosmetic, restorative, general, and we have a hygienist too. Each of our services are carried out by a highly qualified dentist in Essex and completed to a high standard.  Cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing the teeth and smile. For example, our dentist in Essex can help you with fixed braces and invisalign treatments designed to give you straighter teeth, and we can also provide services such as veneers, and teeth whitening which have the ability to brighten and make you feel happier with your smile. 

Restorative dentistry are procedures that are designed to bring your teeth back to a better condition, such services include; implants, bridges and crowns. With our dentist in Essex performing restorative dentistry your teeth, or tooth replacements, can carry out their functions properly one again. Our dentist in Essex that provides general dentistry services can help with checking the overall standard of your teeth, identify problems and then carry out treatments such as root canals, amalgam removal and fillings. And with our hygienist you can make sure that you are receiving high quality advice on how to keep good oral hygiene, prevent gum disease, as well as having treatments for gum disease and plaque removal. 

If you are not in need of our dentist in Essex, for any of our dentistry services, you might be interested in our other services. We also provide expert surgical procedures, which can help people who are unhappy with their hair, bodies and faces, as well as feet and ankles. If you are not wanting to undergo surgery but would still like the opportunity to improve areas of your body, our non-surgical aesthetic treatments could be an alternative for you.

Why Choose FACEmed?

You should choose to have our dentist in Essex perform your dental procedures because we care about our customers. We value and respect our clients wants and desires, and will perform a treatment that is well suited to you and what you wish to gain from your time with us. We offer a bespoke experience for each client, understanding that everybody is different and will require a different approach. 

To get more information about the services that our dentist in Essex can offer you or about any of our alternative treatments, you can give us a call on 01268 833680 or email us using and we will be happy to expand on our services. We also have a contact form available that can be used to submit a message to us, which we will then respond to in a prompt and friendly manner.