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Professional Hair Transplant in Brentwood

Would you like a professional hair transplant in Brentwood? Here at FACEmed, we are a business with customer care at its heart. We have state of the art equipment and qualified staff to carry out health treatments designed to enhance and improve areas of our clients appearance that they are unhappy with. Our centre maintained to a high standard and is clean throughout, designed to set off a calming vibe. 

Innovation is important to us as we want to give our patients the best treatments, which is why we are always looking to improve our techniques. We are able to give you a professional hair transplant in Brentwood, as well as so many other treatments including dentistry – both cosmetic and medical, facial and body surgery and much more. The full scope of our abilities can be found on our website.

Professional Hair Transplant in Brentwood

For anybody that is considering a hair transplant in Brentwood, you can trust FACEmed has highly qualified specialist surgeons that will carry out your surgery with care and exceptional accuracy. Our surgeons are able to carry out hair transplants on the head, eyebrows and beards, all to the same high standard and with coherence, in order to give the most natural look possible. 

Our specialists will meet with you in a free consultation to answer any questions, provide information about the process and to observe and determine the best course of action for your hair transplant in Brentwood. Once a decision has been made, and you have given your confirmation – we will always make sure you fully understand everything in order to make an informed decision – we will then move onto the transplant process. 

The process of your actual hair transplant in Brentwood begins with follicular unit extraction, where we will take follicles from a donor area – this procedure will be carried out after the patient has received local anaesthesia, to ensure you a painless experience. Our skilled team, who are British Hair Clinic surgeon’s, will then use titanium punches to transfer the follicles from your donor area to the desired placement. 

The treatment can take a while, but the results are impressive, and because we care so much about your welfare during the process, we give you the choice to play music or films to keep yourself occupied. While it can take up to 18 months for full visibility of your transplant, you will be able to see your transplanted hairline immediately after surgery, and after 4 or 5 months you will notice the growing hair and changes. 

After your hair transplant in Brentwood, we will be available to set your mind at ease should you be confused about anything. For example, when your hair begins to fall out it may be a concern to our clients that the treatment has not worked however, we are here to reassure you that this is normal and the main part, the follicle, is still implanted and waiting to grow your new hair. You can run any questions past us and we will answer them thoroughly and without judgement. 

Why not Contact our Experts for More Information?

To start discussing your hair transplant in Brentwood with one of our skilled staff members, give us a call on 01268 833680 or send an email containing your enquiries to our email address enquiries@nullfacemed.co.uk. Our contact page also has a space for you to enter your details and message. We strive to respond to requests as quickly as we can.