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Professional Hygienist in Essex

Are you searching for a professional hygienist in Essex? If this is the scenario you are in, then FACEmed has exactly what you are looking for. We are a leading medical, dental, surgical and non-surgical treatment centre based in the heart of Essex. Our multidisciplinary team approach enables us to provide personalised, bespoke care to every single patient who comes to our clinic. 

The team is dedicated to enhancing lives and restoring confidence through first-rate treatments. We provide the highest standards of care in a safe, relaxing and modern environment that makes every patient feel calm and at ease. If you want to see what previous patients have to say about our treatments, take a look at our five-star reviews and testimonials on our website. To enquire about our hygienist in Essex, contact us via our website today. 

Professional Hygienist in Essex

Here at FACEmed, our hygienist in Essex can provide you with leading preventive dental health care and gum disease treatment. The team is specially trained to carry out a range of dental treatments including scaling and polishing; plaque removal; calculus and stain. We utilise the most advanced instruments to thoroughly and meticulously clean your teeth to the highest standards possible. In addition to this, our hygienist in Essex will also teach you various methods for looking after your teeth and gums in the long-term. 

Ensuring that your dental hygiene is good outside the clinic is just as important. So, our hygienists will give you expert advice on your diet, how you can prevent tooth decay, ways to reduce tooth wear, and how you should care for dentures and implants. We’ll apply fluoride treatments and varnishes to desensitise your teeth. Our team will work in close partnership with your dentist so that your care is personally tailored to your specific needs. 

Why Come to FACEmed?

FACEmed is dedicated to providing patients with treatments and procedures of the utmost quality and standard. Our dental hygienists are highly qualified and have years of experience delivering treatment to patients of all ages and requirements. We are a registered UKHealthCentre, accredited by the Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority and the CareQuality Commission. 

You can be assured that all our treatments will be delivered in accordance with the latest regulations. Still unsold on our credentials? Check out our superb reviews on our website to see what previous patients have said about our hygienist in Essex. 

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Take the first step to booking an appointment with our hygienist in Essex today. Fill out the online form on our website’s contact page, leaving us your contact details and a message detailing the nature of your enquiry. You can also email us at enquiries@nullfacemed.co.uk and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible. 

Alternatively, if you would like to speak with one of our team, then give us a call on 01268 833680. We can answer any questions you may have, provide you with further information on all our hygiene services, and discuss your personal needs further. In the meantime, feel free to visit the FACEmed website to explore our extensive range of dental treatments.