Professional Teeth whitening in Brentwood

Are you looking for teeth whitening that you can trust? Then you’re in the right place. Here at FACEmed we offer quality teeth whitening in Brentwood that will provide you with a beautiful smile. At FACEmed, we understand that more than 80% of people don’t like how they look in photographs because of their teeth. As such, we’re dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to quality treatment to get the teeth that they’ve always dreamed of. This includes offering services for full fixed braces, Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, and teeth whitening.

Professional Teeth whitening in Brentwood

We know that there are a number of companies that offer the chance for people to whiten their teeth from home. However, if you are looking for teeth whitening in Brentwood, then we would strongly recommend against this. Not only could this be dangerous for your health, but it could seriously damage your teeth, leaving them sensitive and susceptible to further damage from day to day wear. Instead we recommend visiting the professionals, like us at FACEmed, who can whiten your teeth safely to your satisfaction.

Available as a stand alone treatment or as a part of a broader cosmetic plan including our range of cosmetic, general and emergency dental procedures, FACEmed’s teeth whitening in Brentwood can help remove stains and brighten your teeth gently and safely. To us at FACEmed, the safety and comfort of our clients is the most important part of what we do. There’s no cutting corners and no dangerous chemicals. Instead we use both the Enlighten range and an inhouse FACEmed brand to get the best results. Both of these products have been carefully tested and selected based on their results. These two are particularly beneficial because they can be used in a low concentration, keeping the treatment both safe and effective. We can get your teeth looking up to five shades brighter in just two or three weeks time!

We can ensure that all of our whitening treatments are matched to your skin tone and the colour of any other treatments you might have (particularly the colour of any veneers or crowns). Not only does this give you a beautiful and natural smile, but it also removes any attention that might be drawn to any previous cosmetic or general dental work that has been previously done. This will give you the confidence to smile broadly, knowing that you’re looking your best.

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If you want to boost your confidence and get your smile looking the best that it can possibly be, then feel free to get in touch with us. Our teeth whitening in Brentwood is the best in the area, so you know that you’re really getting the best possible care and the best possible smile. To find out more or to book an appointment with our friendly and professional staff then give us a call on 01268 833680 and we can arrange an appointment. Alternatively you could email us at or fill out our enquiry form