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Dr Peck and Dr Josson McConnell, our Private GPs have time to listen to your concerns. They offer bespoke tailored advice based around on you, your lifestyle and your health-markers.Take specialist advice from our experts in state of the art facilities here at FACEmed.

Well being checks will to advise on how you can optimise your health and minimise your risks of developing heart attacks and strokes. They can identify early signs of disease, including  some cancers, which can then be dealt with early. Lifestyle advice and help with hormones and personal relationships can be given. If required, treatments will be prescribed on the day.

The well being checks are open to all adults and range from cardiovascular to women’s health all they way through to an full bespoke health screen.Our packages (Bespoke Well Woman, Bespoke Well Man, Hormone Assessment, Ovarian Screen, Prostate Assessment, Bowel Screen, Sexual Health, Cardiology and Blood Pressure Assessment) include time with the doctors and relevant tests.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr Jo Josson McConnell