Are you looking for a company that can carry out skin tag removal in Brentwood? Welcome to FACEmed, we are based in Essex and specialise in providing clients with a wide variety of services from dentistry work, non-surgical procedures, surgeries and treatments for general medicine and supportive aftercare. All of these remedies are available to both men and women of any age and will be sure to help you tackle any specific cosmetic, dental or medical issue that you may have, so you can be confident in knowing that we are a reliable team that is here to assist with all of your specific needs.

Skin tags, also known as acrochordons or cutaneous papilloma, are small, non-cancerous flaps or protruding growths that can come in different sizes and can appear all across your body including under the armpits, in the groin area, across the face, the neck, chest and eyelids. Their appearance is usually a flesh colour and are attached to the skin by small peduncles or stalks and often cause irritation when rubbed or chafed against pieces of clothing which is one of the main reasons why patients seek skin tag removal in Brentwood. However, in some cases it has caused facial disfigurement for clients, which is why we aim to provide high-quality removal procedures to relieve the discomfort that they can cause and improve the quality of the skin. Non-suspicious tags can be easily removed during our procedures, although suspicious tags will need to be examined via a mole screening and diagnosis to ensure that they are benign prior to the treatment. 

The procedure is very straightforward, you will be seen within our clinic and put under a local anaesthetic, meaning that you will be awake during the process but the skin around the tag will in fact be numb. Then using a scalpel, surgical scissors or cauterisation, we will then proceed to remove the tag in an efficient yet effective manner. The treatment itself is often free from complications, however, there is a chance of scarring, but this will gradually fade over time leaving you with fresh, clear skin. All of our procedures for skin tag removal in Brentwood are carried out by qualified doctors and practitioners who have a wealth of experience in this industry. These talented individuals have used their expertise and knowledge to complete various treatments that have left our patients with amazing end results. If you are interested in receiving a free, no-obligation quote, simply contact us today and we will happily discuss all of your requests.

No matter how big or small your concerns may be, our expert team will always go above and beyond to ensure that your skin tag removal in Brentwood is completed to the highest standards possible. From skin tags, lesions and moles, we can do it all and more, so you can trust that we are the ones you need for reliable treatments that will not only boost your confidence, but will be sure to make you feel more comfortable in your skin. 

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