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Teeth Whitening in Billericay

If you are trying to find somewhere to go for teeth whitening in Billericay, then FACEmed is the place you are searching for. We are an Essex-based health and wellness centre that can offer clients an extensive variety of treatments and procedures, which are designed to help people get back confidence and feel better in themselves. By contacting us, you can rest assured that your treatments are completed by a qualified doctor, who has the experience and knowledge to undertake your treatment in the most efficient, effective and safe way. 

Teeth Whitening in Billericay

If you come to FACEmed for teeth whitening in Billericay, then one of our cosmetic dentists will be on hand to help you, from providing a consultation to carrying out the procedure. Your teeth whitening in Billericay will give you the opportunity to feel happy and confident showing off your teeth in a smile once again. Our dentists will make sure to use high quality products for your teeth whitening in Billericay so that you are able to get top level results.

Teeth whitening in Billericay can be a treatment that is being carried out in conjunction with other types of treatments. For example, if you are having implants or veneers put in, then having teeth whitening in Billericay is an ideal solution if you would like to give all of your teeth a cosmetic makeover. Your teeth whitening in Billericay will be the first treatment to take place if you are having more than one completed, because it means that your implants can be matched to the new brightness of your teeth, so nothing seems to stand out as out of place or unnatural. 

Want to see what else we can do? 

As FACEmed is a centre that can offer a variety of different services, you trust that we have far more to offer than simply teeth whitening in Billericay. Teeth whitening in Billericay isn’t even the only dental service that we can provide you with, our fantastic team of dentists have the skills and the means to be able to perform a range of other cosmetic, restorative and general procedures for your teeth. We also have a hygienist available if you would like to have your gums and oral hygiene regularly checked. 

At FACEmed we also have qualified surgeons in our team, who will perform surgical services that cover a number of body areas and purposes, from removing moles and carrying out hair transplants, to breast surgery and foot cushioning. If surgery is not for you, then our non-surgical  treatments may be more appealing to you and include; help for hyperhidrosis, skin restoration and hydration, dermal fillers, and muscle relaxants. 

Are you interested in our services? 

If our teeth whitening in Billericay is the kind of service that you are looking for then please get in touch with our team today to book your consultation. You can reach us over the phone on 01268 833680, or you can use the form on our contact page or enquiries@facemed.co.uk to notify us of your interest in a message.