Most choose to have the surgery because of physical pain or impairment, but did you know there are other hidden benefits of a breast reduction too? 

More Self-Confidence

Many women with large breasts report feeling self-conscious and suffering from low confidence in public. With a breast reduction you’ll be more comfortable in your own body, giving you more confidence and helping you to go out in public without feeling like people are staring at you or your breasts. 

Better Fitting Clothes

If you’re a little top-heavy finding clothes to fit can be a nightmare. With a breast reduction procedure your body will be more in proportion, allowing you to buy “off the rack” clothes and look good in them. 

Less Asthma

In some cases women have reported a significant improvement in their asthma symptoms after a breast reduction procedure. It’s thought that it’s due to there being less weight on the chest, therefore the lungs are less restricted and an attack is less likely to be triggered. 

More Sporting Opportunities

Most sports can be tricky with a larger chest and some can be completely impossible. A breast reduction could help you improve your tennis game, drop a few minutes from your 5k or even open up more sporting opportunities for you. 

Less Unwanted Attention & Comments

If you’re large-chested then it’s likely you’ve been subjected to unwanted attention and inappropriate comments since your breasts developed. Whilst the ideal solution is re-education of the people in question, a breast reduction will at least take you out of the spotlight and reduce the chance of you being the focus of unwanted attention. 

If you’re considering a breast reduction you can find out more about the procedure here or contact us to book a free consultation to discuss your needs. 


Jonathan Britto