A successful event for all concerned?

RSM A10 was one of the best one-day meetings (8 sessions) in the series so far, with record attendances and a stellar faculty. The platform presentations provided for lively interactions from the floor with debate over the relative roles of surgical and non-surgical treatments, and an endorsement of the President’s philosophy of ‘synergistic surgery’.

‘Synergistic surgery’ offers patients and clients a pathway of aesthetic care that builds a relationship with the members of the team providing a comprehensive multi-disciplinary care – both surgical and non-surgical – for a confident and complete outcome.

What were the highlights for you?

A great debate on methods of ethical marketing, clinical sessions on the management of ageing around the eye area and a comprehensive debate on the rejuvenation of the neck – with re-enforced understanding that the neck is both dynamic and static and so needs a combination of lifts and toxin (Botox®) therapy.

What did you enjoy about the event?

I really enjoyed bringing together the acknowledged experts from medicine, nursing and surgery in fillers, threads, Botox®, facial rejuvenation surgery, skin health and skin care for a really patient centred approach to best practice. It rejuvenated me – without going anywhere near knife or needle!

And your approach was highly praised?

Monica and I were really happy to be acknowledged by the experts as providing best care in surgery and non-surgical aesthetics with a team based and client centred approach. The feedback from the delegates and faculty for my programme was exceptionally rewarding – and a validation of what we do offer every day and FACEmed.