It is a surgical procedure undertaken to improve the function and appearance of the vagina. The procedure is undertaken by a Plastic Surgeon and can involve a number of different approaches depending on the specific concerns of the patient. In some cases, the procedure is performed to tighten the muscles of the vagina which can become loose with age and post-childbirth. In such cases the muscles are shortened and the surrounding excess soft tissues removed in order to create a tighter vaginal wall. This procedure can be undertaken with or without the shortening of ‘low hanging’ or protruding labia minora which is a common occurance in women and can cause pain, discomfort and embarrassment. Some women opt to just have the labia minora reduced without the need for muscle tightening. This procedure alone is called a Labiaplasty.

Additionally, in some cases it is necessary to repair the perineum which is the area between the vagina and the rectum, this area can also become stretched or damaged with age and during childbirth. The range of options is discussed at the initial consultation stage and all options available to you discussed.

Who is eligible?

It is not surprising that Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery is often wrongly associated with the older woman as the majority of cases involve post child-birth tightening and correction of appearance which fades due to age however there are also the younger generation affected by uncomfortably long labia minora affecting their day to day movements. Vaginal rejuvenation treatment is about restoring women’s confidence and giving them the power to fix something that was once a taboo subject. It has nothing to do with age really.

What does the surgery and post-operative care involve?

The great thing about vaginal rejuvenation is that it is a rather quick procedure (1-2 hours long) which can be performed under local anaesthesia and sedation allowing you to go home the same day with some mild discomfort lasting a couple of days. The sutures used during the procedure are resolvable meaning you don’t have to return to clinic to have painful sutures removed but only for a check-up. Your surgeon will advise you of the risks involved and the post-operative care. Surgery of every kind carries risks, with Vaginal Rejuvenation risks are minimal such as the uncommon occurrence of excessive bleeding or infection. Following your surgeon’s guidelines is key to reducing your risk and achieving the best possible outcome.

Ms Kallirroi Tzafetta

Consultant Plastic Surgeon